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The 2011 April Fools' Day Headline News Fresh from The Printing Presses Of La Politica

  • US Rep. Martin Heinrich Saturday was making his formal entry into the race for the 2012 Democratic Senate nomination for the seat being vacated By Sen. Bingaman. The AP previewed the announcement and Heinrich was scheduled to put it up on his campaign website at 11 a.m.
Here they are--Our 2011 April Fools' Day top New Mexico political stories:

--Governor Susana Martinez has hired an illegal immigrant couple from Guadalajara to clean the Governor's Mansion. They will only be allowed to drive the lawn mower.

--The Governor was briefly taken hostage at her Santa Fe office by her political adviser Jay McCleskey and ABQ Public Safety Director Darren White. They released her only after she agreed to view the Manchurian Candidate three times. ABQ Mayor RJ Berry will also attend the viewings.

--A puppet show at the Capitol Rotunda had spectators laughing with delight. The show featured Rep. Steve Pearce manipulating a John Sanchez doll.

--ABQ Mayor RJ Berry has discovered a potion that makes him nearly invisible to the public and press. He plans on marketing it to help solve the city budget shortfall.

--All three ABQ TV weathermen were arrested by the FBI this week on charges of promoting terrorism. "They have scared the state shitless long enough," said the agent in charge.

--Heather Wilson denied today she is the illegitimate daughter of former US Senator Pete Domenici. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

--Breaking News: Attorney Sam Bregman, running for Dem Party chairman, says if elected he will defend for free all Democratic politicians charged with corruption. He said this will total $6 million in free legal services.

--Congressman Martin Heinrich announced he will take Spanish lessons, eat enchiladas for dinner for a month and sponsor a cock fight in Los Lunas if no Hispanic candidate challenges him for the US Senate nomination.

--The NM Oil and Gas Association released its annual report today, revealing its membership owns 1,218 oil wells, 843 natural gas sites, 11 state senators, 18 state representatives and one Governor.

--Congressman Ben Ray Lujan said that his father, House Speaker Ben Lujan, will not seek re-election in 2012. He later clarified the statement, saying, "Okay, maybe he is, but a guy can hope, can't he?"

--Congressman Steve Pearce has called for the elimination of the federal government. Reporters were fact-checking to see if that was an April Fool's joke or not.

--The ABQ Journal has been purchased by the New Mexico Republican Party. No major changes are planned and current GOP Chairman Monty Newman will remain as editor.

--Senator Tom Udall, freshly appointed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says he will conduct his first round of hearings in Hobbs and Roswell.

--Breaking News: NM Dem Party Chairman Javier Gonzales is alive, Brian Colon has moved to Texas and Diane Denish has become a mid-wife.

--Senator Jeff Bingaman, retiring next year, introduced a resolution to completely defund Los Alamos and Sandia Labs as well as all of the state's military bases. "It's how I have really felt all these years, but couldn't say it. Good riddance to you all!"

--First Gentleman Chuck Franco enjoyed his favorite past time of hunting in southern NM this week. He bagged three illegals with state driver's licenses and 486 pounds of baloney being smuggled across the border.

--State Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez is proposing a constitutional amendment to have northern New Mexico secede from the south. The measure was immediately endorsed by GOP Sen. "Lightning" Rod Adair. Sen Eric Griego introduced an amendment that would permit illegal immigrants to have driver's licenses in the new southern state.

--More breaking news: Governor Martinez has reduced her meeting schedule with state legislators from once every six months to once a year. However, she will stay play in the weekly poker game put on by Rep. Joe Cervantes and Hanna Skandera.

--State Auditor Hector Balderas announced today he is considering running for the US Senate, the US House, attorney general, governor, lieutenant governor, mayor of ABQ, president of the Santa Fe Kiwanis Club and leader of Boy Scout Troop #47 in Mora County.

--The nine ABQ city councilors were reported missing today. ABQ police say they have been on the case for more than a year.

--Darren White today climbed to the roof of ABQ City Hall, waved his arms in the air and exclaimed, "Top of the world, Ma!" He was talked down by Chief Ray Schultz who White then fired.

--More breaking news: Former GOP Guv candidate Allen Weh has successfully completed a 13 week anger management course, former Governor Gary Johnson has again been admitted to the Betty Ford Center and all Democrats in the state legislature are undergoing identity crisis therapy.

--Defying his critics, UNM President David Schmidly has hired the following individuals as executive vice-presidents at salaries of $250,000 each: his son, his wife, former Board of Regents Chairman Raymond Sanchez and APS Superintendent Winston Brooks. Schmidly also said he will a unveil new slogan for the university--"The Wal-Mart on the Rio Grande."

--Former Governor Bill Richardson visited rebels in Libya this week. He was accompanied by the Penthouse Pet of the Month. He introduced her by saying, "Boys, this is what you're fighting for." Richardson then made a visit to Paris where he visited investment adviser Marc Correa who donated $3 million to the ex-Guv's new charitable foundation.

This is the home of New Mexico politics. Thanks for stopping by this week and for making this New Mexico's #1 political website.

Reporting to you from Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan.

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Las Vegas updated but...

It's a flop. We were expecting real night lights and textures in US Cities Las Vegas but../.

This simply doesn't work good. Aerosoft and LimeSim released the update yesterday but a first preview shown it a few days ago, the night lights turned in some mono-chromatic tinted gold-yellow.
The scenery is also quite heaviest of 1 gb. Lett's hope LimeSim will be able to develop a new generation US Cities...

New Toyota Prius 2011

Prius is certified as a Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV), which means it runs 75 percent cleaner than the standard for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV). That's a remarkable feat. Prius' hybrid powertrain and regenerative braking systems are sure to garner the lion's share of the media's attention. But little things add up too. Here are some of the unsung energy-efficient innovations that'll have the competition scratching their heads.

2011 Toyota Prius MPV With Latest Reviews And Prices. Although still preoccupied with the completion of the recall, do not delay the program from Toyota Japan that have been scheduled. Included with the production of environmentally friendly vehicles.

2011 Toyota Prius is not the most comfortable car or the fastest on the market, but the Prius makes up for this mistake with a star rating fuel economy 51/48 mpg city / highway, the highest in the market.

Now that the hybrid market grows, it is important to learn more about the cars in this class thrives. Toyota Prius has been on the market since 1997, and it's come a long way. It obtained generous trunk and interior more spacious, and most importantly, the highest fuel economy ratings 51/48 mpg city / highway all hybrid cars and gasoline in the market.

They were right. From hybrid sedan on the market, the Prius has the best combination of cargo space, interior space and high fuel economy compared to other models. This is also the most affordable. One thing the Prius is not big on performance. Some reviewers say it handles like a tool, and others say it is only good for everyday use. However, if you want faster hybrid, it's a good idea to check out the competition.

Averaging 51/48 mpg city / highway, 2011 Toyota Prius hybrid most fuel efficient on the market, but with 1.8-liter hybrid powertrain that produces 134 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque, it is not the most powerful.

There are four trims: Prius II, III, IV and V. Each model receives the same powertrain.

Toyota has not released pricing for 2011 Toyota Prius, but the 2010 model starts at $ 22,800, the position of the Honda Insight which is cheaper and pricier Ford Fusion Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Power of the Prius' biggest fuel economy rating of 51/48 mpg city / highway that goes beyond hybrid cars and gasoline at this price range. To help maximize mileage driver, the Prius allows the driver to select one of three driving modes, each offering different performance characteristics and efficiency numbers: Eco, the most efficient fuel, Normal and Power, the most efficient.

2011 Prius is powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder inline engine kilowatts of electricity and motor-60. This powertrain produces 134 horsepower and 105 pound feet of torque, which exceeds the Honda Insight 's 98 horsepower and 123 foot pounds of torque. Prius, however, is less powerful than the Toyota Camry Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid. Combined, 's Fusion 2.5 four-cylinder engine and electric motor foot pump 191 horsepower and 136 pounds of torque, while the Camry has 147 horsepower and 138 foot pounds of torque. But their power comes at a cost, both have fuel economy ratings of 41/36 mpg city lower / highway and 31/35 mpg city / highway, respectively.

Prius will never be a sports car, but always will prioritize fuel economy. Prius does not disappoint in this arena. The EPA says gets an average of 51/48 mpg city / highway, the best mileage for gasoline-run cars in this price range.

Purple Belt

Elegant Purple Belt with trendy mode

Elegant Purple Belt with gold combination

Elegant Purple Belt with diamond combination

Trendy Purple Belt

Beautiful Purple Belt

Pretty Purple Belt

Sexy Purple Belt with shiny purple

Beautiful Purple Belt with flower motif

Beauty Bianca







Source: Vanity Fair March 2011

Enigma B737-300 Landor livery

A new texture of the Enigma B737-300, British airways Landor (by Stephen Groom).
The release is expected in the beginning of may, according to Jordi Blumberg. Then will follow different versions and panels for FS9 and FSX.




Source: I Love Wildfox
(Pictures from the Skeleton Key Premiere, 2005)

Who says you need boobs to look sexy?!

New Mercedes Viano 2011 (Blue Efficiency)

Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of cars, buses, coaches, and trucks. Mercedes car was first marketed in 1901 by Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles produced in 1926 the first name, after the merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler's companies into the Daimler-Benz company. Mercedes-Benz has introduced many technological innovations and safety have become common on other vehicles a few years later. And now Mercedes-Benz launched Viano 2011.

The Mercedes-Benz Viano leads its class, setting a new benchmark for large-capacity vehicles. New engine and new transmissions to reduce emissions and fuel consumption while increasing performance. The new chassis offers the ultimate in comfort and driving safety. Cockpit and passenger compartment that is more user-friendly and attractive than ever appointed. Mercedes-Benz Viano instantly recognizable by the "face" her, featuring a star in the style of Mercedes passenger cars today, and newly designed rear.

Mercedes-Benz Viano with "face" of the new Mercedes-Benz Viano presents look more striking and typical, according to the style of the current passenger car from Mercedes-Benz. Three silver-colored bar with chrome radiator grille trim partition, fronting a sporty black grille featuring a diamond pattern. Radiator grille is offset by new reflector lights in a typical design. This reflector has been expanded to increase the light output. Daytime driving lights which come as standard integrated with their own light source in the headlamp's house, along with fog lights.

Different colors also contribute to the altered appearance, with a modern new paint finish complete the exterior changes to the Mercedes-Benz Viano.

Mercedes-Benz Viano continue to offer as the only model in its class in three different body length:
  • Viano compact - length 4763 mm, wheelbase 3200 mm
  • Viano length - length 5008 mm, 3200 mm wheelbase, extended overhangs
  • Viano extra long - the length of 5238 mm, 3430 mm wheelbase, extended overhangs
In addition, Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo camper van based on the old Mercedes Viano with front roof open pop-ups. This roof is also optionally available for the Viano Fun vehicle multi-purpose in the long variant.

All variants benefit from the practical day-to-day management of the Mercedes-Benz Viano. With the overall height of only 1875 mm, rear-wheel-drive every Viano fit easily into a standard garage, parking-story, underground parking and car wash. The same even goes for the Mercedes Viano Viano Marco Polo Fun and pop-ups with the roof closed and the vehicle height 1960 mm.

Viano offers seat covers with a new design for the driver and passenger. Apart from interesting fabrics and stylish nappa leather covers in various colors, new nappa leather upholstery in the Mercedes-Benz Viano who goes by the name Lugano deserves special attention. Available in three colors, finishes wheat and pipe design provides a stylish appearance perfectly. This seat is equipped with decorative trim in walnut finish fine spines. The Lugano nappa leather upholstery comes as standard in the Viano Ambiente and optionally available for Mercedes-Benz Viano Trend. In Fun Viano Marco Polo and skins are available in gray Orion.

New, high-quality interior panels and trim are available as standard on the Mercedes-Benz Viano Ambiente Trend and and as an option in the Viano Fun to beautify the interior appearance and further improve the function of which is an integral part of the Mercedes Viano. The scope of the agreement include optimized storage facilities for goods and carpets. In addition to providing for the appearance of comfortable, high-quality carpet also prevents scratches and knocks when the vehicle came to be used hard - also in the load compartment. Side wall panels and carpets come in anthracite, while the sports center interior color appointment.

Unmatched comfort and safe handling. These developments provide a very precise handling, predictable and safe along with exceptional comfort, the characteristics of current and noise level. The Vanio offers a very high standard of comfort, driving pleasure and driving safety. As long as quality can only be topped with air suspension includes automatic level control on the rear axle, which is still available ex-factory.

Mercedes-Benz Viano is equipped with a new generation of diesel engines from Mercedes-Benz. Hundreds of thousands of these machines have proven their value in Mercedes-Benz passenger car range and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. Mercedes-Benz Viano new lead environmentally friendly way, with all engines meet Euro 5 emissions standards. Significantly reduce fuel consumption also lowers CO2 emissions to a minimum level model. BlueEFFICIENCY technology that features as standard plays a special role here. Innovative package can not be found in any other large capacity vehicles.

All diesel engines equipped with oxidation catalytic converters, particulate filters and cooled exhaust gas recirculation. Gear new ECO manual transmission offers a wide gear ratio spread for optimal performance and enables low fuel consumption and emission levels. The overall result is an impressive response and acceleration combined with exceptional environmental friendliness, run smoothly and economically. Upper range is the V6 in the CDI, Viano 3.0 that combines the smoothness with an impressive output and high traction strength. The latest version of this engine is also more powerful, more economical and more environmentally friendly.

First announced by referring to a study at the 2008 Frankfurt International Motor Show, the BlueEFFICIENCY technology vision has now become a reality, reducing fuel consumption and emissions in the Mercedes-Benz Viano. Features on board each Viano as standard, as confirmed by the label under the A-pillars. The scope of the package is unique in the class of large-capacity vehicles: the ECO start / stop function (not for automatic transmission), the management of batteries, tires are optimized for minimum rolling resistance, ECO power steering pump, shift point indicator (not for automatic transmission), a pump controlled fuel and internal engine measures demonstrate cutting-edge technology involved.

The BlueEFFICIENCY package which incorporates features such as sustainability and economic standards in exemplary fashion. Further reduce the consumption of traditional fuels low Viano's by 0.2 to 0.3 additional liters per 100 km (6.6 g CO2 per km) on a new generation, according towith model and engine variants .

long maintenance intervals also contribute to economic sustainability and Mercedes Viano. Assyst service computers that come as standard to calculate oil change intervals are flexible according to actual vehicle usage. The average interval in all machines is at 30,000 km or two years. higher profits and also perhaps between oil changes, depending on the intensity of usage and individual driving style.

Not to bring "another substance" into the Temple; Urine revisionism revisited.

In 2007 I posted about how it is interesting that the Birnbaum siddur (1949) timidly refused to translate מי רגלים as urine, preferring to transliterate it: Thus, "Though mei raglayim might have been good for that purpose, it was not decent to bring it into the Temple." Or to mention in an American siddur, I might add.

I noted that an English machzor from 1796 actually also transliterated it as "mea raglayem" in the translation - but it included a footnote explaining that this means Urine. My guess was that at the time some people read the prayers from the English, and while the translator (David Levi) had no problem letting people know what the word meant, he figured it was nicer for them to read "though mea raglayem was proper for the purpose . . ." rather than "though Urine was proper for the purpose . . . ."


In either case, we see that in 1949 Philip Birnbaum felt that urine should not be mentioned in the synagogue. I came across David de Sola's translation - although this particular book is from 1878, I believe his translation goes back to the late 1830s.

As you can see, de Sola primly writes that "another substance" could have been used, but was not decent to bring into the Temple.

Here is the title page:

I was curious how a contemporary of the Birnbaum siddur, a siddur published by the Rabbinical Assembly in 1946, translated it. They took the easy way out - there is no פטום הקטורת, not after mussaph and not before shacharis (although I might add that it kept both sיקום פורקן!).

In 1839 Jeremias Heinemann published a very interesting book called the Hebräisch-Deutsches kursorisches und alphabetisches Wörterbuch zum allgemeinen Siddur. I have never seen anything quite like it. What Heinemann did was to go through the tefillos, prayer by prayer, and list all the principle Hebrew words with German translation. I suppose I have to think about it some more, but on the face of it it seems like one of the most effective methods of learning what the prayers mean that I have ever seen. It's a fascinating work - it begins with Mah Tovu, and just plows through it all, including the 15 Shir Hama'alos and the complete Pirke Avot after Shabbos Mincha (and, yes, it includes Yekum Purkan).

Here is how he translates our mei raglayim:

Nahme für Urin. I guess the Germans were less timid than the Anglos.

Heinemann is an interesting person. He was a modern educator in Berlin, originally associating with the Reformers in the 1810s, but he became more traditionalist. Apparently recognizing his valid role as a positive, modern influence, Rabbi Akiva Eger gave a haskama and subscribed to one volume of his edition of Mendelssohn's Chumash (with the addition of his own commentary). Another example of Rabbi Akiva Eger encouraging a similarly modern-leaning type of rabbi is Salomon Plessner, who was a noted preacher and translator of the Apocrypha into Hebrew. With Rabbi Akiva Eger's approval, Plessner published עדות לישראל, a book full of quotes by Gentiles about how wonderful the Talmud is. See here.

Getting back to urine - it is interesting to take note of the fact that apparently the idea that urine could even have been considered in the first place was considered shocking, so there are traditions which deny that mei reglayim, in this context, meant urine. Probably most famously there is the Kol Bo (#38), which says the following:

Namely, "some say that mei raglayim come from a certain spring called Raglayim; it is not possible to say mei raglayim literally (i.e., urine) since God forbid that it should enter anyone's mind to include urine in the making of the incense." According to this interpretation, then, what was proposed was that water from a spring called Raglayim might have sufficed for the incense. Since "water from Raglayim" is the same word/ name as mei raglayim, i.e., urine, then it would be wrong to use an ingredient with the same name as urine. But urine itself? Come on, don't be ridiculous. This interpretation seems to have been accepted as the best by Seligmann Baer, for he quotes it on page 248 of his siddur Avodas Jissroel, and even supports it by noting that the book of Joshua mentions an עֵין רֹגֵל numerous times. The Machzor Vitri gives the spring explanation as well as another one: יש אומ' עשב הוא ששמו מי רגלים ויש אומ' מעיין הוא ששמו מי רגלים ועזין הן וריחן רע - some say it's an herb named mei raglayim, and others say its a spring called mei raglayim, [with water that is] pungent and smells bad.

If I remember correctly, in David Golinkin's edition of the responsa of Louis Ginzberg, there is one letter from someone asking Ginzberg about this, and Ginzberg replies with some sources and also tells the correspondent that he is surprised and pleased that anyone in his time (1930s?) even cares about this.


Secara umum keseluruhan tempat di Masjidil Haram adalah mustajabah untuk berdoa. Insya Allah, jika Anda berdoa dengan sungguh-sungguh dan tidak bermaksiat kepada Allah SWT, dimanapun, di seluruh sisi Masjidil Haram, Allah akan mengabulkan doa Anda. Namun demikian ada 3 hal yang patut dipahami pula bagi kita ketika kita berdoa kehadirat Allah SWT.
Pertama ada doa yang dikabulkan Allah secara langsung. Ada pula doa yang akan dikabulkan ketika di akhirat nanti. Ada pula doa yang diganti dengan kebaikan/ rejeki yang lain. Kita harus paham pula bahwa rejeki Allah kepada kita sangatlah luas, tidak terbatas pada harta benda atau materi, kehidupan yang tentram, sehat lahir batin, keluarga yang sakinah mawaddah wa rahmah, anak-anak yang sholeh merupakan rejeki pula, betul tidak? (betul, betul, betul! kata Ipin)
Oleh karena itu kita wajib menyakini bahwa doa kita kehadirat Allah SWT akan dikabulkan-Nya. Karena Allah sudah berjanji dalam Al Quran, " 'ud'uuni astajib lakum" yang artinya "Berdoalah kepada-Ku, niscaya Aku kabulkan". Kita tidak boleh ragu atas doa-doa kita kepada Allah SWT, percayalah janji Allah pasti akan ditepati! Allah SWT tidak pernah ingkar janji!
Masjidil Haram memang memiliki keistimewaan tersendiri dibandingkan masjid-masjid dimanapun. Dalam suatu hadits, Rasulullah SAW sendiri pernah menyebutkan keistimewaan Masjidil Haram ini seperti sabda Beliau " Sholat di Masjidku ini (Masjid Nabawi) adalah 1000 kali lebih utama daripada sholat di masjid selainnya, kecuali Masjidil Haram. Karena sholat di Masjidil Haram ialah lebih utama 100.000 kali daripada sholat di masjid lain".
Bisa dibayangkan betapa nikmatnya sholat di Masjidil Haram bahkan dalam buku Sejarah Kota Makkah disebutkan, jika di hitung secara matematis sholat di Masjidil Haram nilai keutamaannya sama dengan sholat di tempat lain salama 55 tahun 6 bulan 22 hari. Wao... hebat ya..? makanya, Ayo.. segeralah menunaikan ibadah haji, ikutilah moto kami " Berhajilah selagi Muda!" Anda tidak akan rugi se-sen pun!
Disamping itu ada keistimewaan lain dari Masjidil Haram. Dalam suatu riwayat disebutkan bahwa Allah SWT akan menurunkan 120 rahmat selama 24 jam terus-menerus. Sebanyak 60 rahmat akan diberikan kepada mereka yang sedang melaksanakan thawaf, 40 rahmat akan diberikan kepada mereka yang sholat dan 20 rahmat akan diberikan kepada mereka yang memandangi Ka'bah.
Saran kami kepada Calon jamaah haji selama berada di Masjidil Haram perbanyaklah Thawaf dan sholat serta pandangilah Ka'bah karena Anda akan mendapatkan 120 rahmat atau kebaikan secara kontan dari Allah SWT. Selain itu jika Anda berada di Masjidil Haram jangan pernah memalingkan muka dari Ka'bah, tataplah Ka'bah sepuas-puasnya.
Ka'bah berada pada garis lurus dengan Baitul Makmur yaitu pusat ibadah para malaikat jika memandanginya akan mendapatkan ketenangan dengan membaca doa:Meskipun di seluruh tempat di Masjidil Haram adalah mustajabah, namun demikian ada beberapa tempat yang secara khusus dalam Al Quran dan Hadits disebutkan sebagai tempat-tempat musatajabah untuk berdoa. Tempat-tempat itu antara lain:
Tempat Mustajabah Di Masjidil Haram
1. Multazam
Multazam adalah tempat di antara Pintu Ka'bah dan Rukun Hajar Aswad. Secara harfiah Multazam bermakna tempat yang amat diperlukan. Tempat inilah yang dinytakan oleh Rasulullah SAW sebagai tempat yang paling mustajabah untuk berdoa:

Artinya: Rasulullah SAW bersabda: "Multazam adalah tempat doa yang mustajab (terkabul), tidak seorangpun hamba Allah yang berdoa di tempat ini tanpa terkabut doanya".RAsulullah sendiri kalau sampai di tempat ini langsung menempelkan dada, wajahnya atau pipinya, kedua lengan dan kedua telapak tangannya pada Ka'bah dan meratap dalam doa.Dalam Ktab Akhbar Makkah diterangkan bahwa ketika Nabi Adam selesai melakukan thawaf (yang pertama kali) langsung ia lakukan sholat dua rakaat di depan pintu Ka'bah, terus berdiri di Multazam dan berdoa:

"Ya Allah, Engkau Maha Mengetahui segala apa yang aku rahasiakan dan segala apa yang aku lakukan secara nyata, terimalah pengaduanku. Engkau Maha Mengetahui apayang ada dalam jiwaku dan segala apa yang ada padaku, ampunilah dosa-dosaku. Engkau Maha Mengetahui apa yang aku perlukan, berikanlah kepadaku apa yang aku minta. Ya Allah, aku mohon kepada-mu iman yang memenuhi hati dan keyakinan yang mantap benar sehingga menyadarkan aku bahwa tidak ada yang mencelakakanku kecuali apa yang telah Engkau pastikan untukku, dan menyadarkan aku sehingga aku rela atas apa yang Engkau tetapkan untukku".
Setelah bedoa seperti di atas, Allah menurunkan wahyu kepadanya yang artinya: "Wahai Adam, kau telah berdoa dengan beberapa permintaan, aku penuhi semua permintaan itu. Dan siapapun dari anak-anakmu yang berdoa dengan doamu itu, pasti aku hilangkan keresahan dan kesedihannya, dan Aku kembalikan apa yang hilang dari padanya, dan Aku cabut dari hatinya perasaan miskin, dan aku jadikan kaya ia dalam kenyataan, dan aku sukseskan perdagangan untuknya dari belakang dunia perdagangan, sehingga kekayaan dunia berdatangan kepadanya walaupun tanpa ia kehendaki".
Pesan Penulis "Jika Anda Calon Jamaah Haji, dan merasa masih anak-anak dari Nabi Adam AS, Berdoalah seperti doa Nabi Adam tersebut di Multazam". Insya Alah, Allah SWT tidak pernah ingkar janji!

Multazam adalah tempat di antara Pintu Ka'bah dan Rukun Hajar Aswad. Secara harfiah Multazam bermakna tempat yang amat diperlukan. Tempat inilah yang dinyatakan oleh Rasulullah shalallahu 'alaihi wasallam sebagai tempat yang paling mustajabah untuk berdo'a : Rasulullah shalallahu 'alaihi wasallam bersabda, "Multazam adalah tempat do'a yang mustajab (terkabul), tidak seorang pun hamba Allah yang berdo'a di tempat ini tanpa terkabul do'anya." Rasulullah sendiri kalau sampai di tempat ini langsung memanjatkan do'a.

Dalam Kitab Akhbar Makkah, diterangkan ketika Nabi Adam 'alaihi sallam selesai melakukan thawaf, beliau langsung shalat dua raka'at di depan pintu Ka'bah, kemudian berdiri di Multazam dan berdo'a.

Saat bermunajat di depan Multazam ini, jarang orang tidak meneteskan air mata di sini, terharu karena kebesaran Ilahi.

2. Hijir Ismail
Hijir ismail adalah bangunan terbuka, berbentuk setengah lingkaran berada disebelah sisi barat Ka'bah. Disebut Hijir Ismail karena merupakan tempat berteduh Nabi Ismail Dan Siti Hajar. Menurut salah satu riwayat Nabi Ismail juga dikuburkan di Hijir Isamail tersebut. Wallahu'alam. Hijir Ismail juga merupakan salah satu tempat yang mstajabah untuk berdoa. Jika Anda ingin sholat di dalam Ka'bah cukup sholat di hijir Ismail ini. Seperti sabda Nabi SAW ketika Aisyah RA minta izin kepada Rasulullah untuk masuk ke Ka'bah untk sholat, maka Nabi SAW membawa Aisyah ke Hijir Ismail, dan berkata " Sholatlah kamu disini, kalau ingin sholat di Ka'bah karena ini termasuk sebagian dari Ka'bah". (HR. Turmidzi).
Dalam buku Sejarah Kota Makkah disebutkan bahwa panjang Ka'bah adalah 3 meter ke arah Hijir Ismail. Dikarenakan adanya pemugaran oleh kaum Quraisy dan sifat bakhilnya saat itu maka Ka'bah menjadai lebih kecil seperti bangunan sekarang. Jadi Hijir Ismail yang masih dianggap masuk Ka'bah seperti yang ditunjukkan Rasulullah tersebut adalah 3 meter dari tembok Ka'bah yang berhadapan dengan Hijir Ismail. Panjang Hijir Ismail sekitar 7 meter dari tembok Ka'bah sampai lengkung setengah lingkaran.

Hijir Ismail adalah bangunan terbuka, berbentuk setengah lingkaran berada di sebelah sisi barat Ka'bah. Disebut Hijir Ismail karena merupakan tempat berteduh Nabi Ismail 'alaihi sallam dan Hajar.

Diriwayatkan ketika Ummul Mukminin 'Aisyah radhiyallahu 'anha minta izin kepada Rasulullah untuk masuk ke Ka'bah dan shalat, maka Nabi shalallahu 'alaihi wasallam membawa 'Aisyah radhiyallahu 'anha ke Hijir Ismail lalu berkata, "Shalatlah kamu di sini kalau ingin shalat di Ka'bah, karena ini termasuk sebagian dari Ka'bah." (HR. Turmidzi).

Dalam buku Sejarah Kota Makkah disebutkan bahwa panjang Ka'bah adalah tiga meter ke arah Hijir Ismail. Dikarenakan adanya pemugaran oleh kaum Quraisy maka Ka'bah menjadi lebih kecil seperti bangunan sekarang. Panjang Hijir Ismail sekitar tujuh meter dari tembok Ka'bah sampai lengkung setengah lingkaran.

3. Maqam Ibrahim
Maqam berarti tempat pijakan, Maqam Ibrahim adalah batu yang dipergunakan Nabi Ibrahim untuk berpijakan ketika membangun Ka'bah. Menurut salah satu riwayat, Batu ini merupakan salah satu batu yang turun dari surga seperti halnya Hajar Aswad. Batu pijakan ini layaknya seperti tangga elevator yang bisa naik dan turun. Kketika Nabi Ibrahim membangun Ka'bah, saat tembok Ka'bah ditinggikan, batu pijakan tersebut juga ikut naik.
Pada batu ini terdapat bekas telapak kaki Nabi Ibrahim AS. Disunahkan sholat sunah dua rakaat setelah selesai thawaf di belakang Maqam Ibrahim ini.

Maqam Ibrahim adalah batu yang dipergunakan Nabi Ibrahim 'alaihi sallam untuk
berpijakan ketika membangun Ka'bah. Pada batu ini terdapat bekas telapak kaki Nabi Ibrahim 'alaihi sallam. Disunnahkan shalat sunnah dua raka'at setelah selesai thawaf di belakang Maqam Ibrahim ini. Tempat ini juga merupakan salah satu tempat mustajabah untuk berdo'a.

Kendati demikian, secara umum keseluruhan tempat di Masjidil Haram adalah mustajabah untuk berdo'a. Bila do'a dipanjatkan dengan sungguh-sungguh dan tidak bermaksiat, Insya Allah akan dikabulkan.

Perlu juga diketahui bahwa ada do'a yang dikabulkan Allah secara langsung, ada do'a yang akan dikabulkan ketika di akhirat nanti, serta ada pula do'a yang diganti dengan kebaikan atau rejeki yang lain. Tentu harus difahami bahwa Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala mengetahui apa sebenarnya yang terbaik bagi hamba-Nya. Allah akan mengabulkan doa hamba-Nya jika itu memang mendatangkan kemaslahatan dan bukan sekedar apa yang diinginkan oleh hamba-Nya.

Bagi seorang hamba kita hanya wajib menyakini bahwa do'a kita akan dikabulkan-Nya. Karena Allah sudah berjanji dalam Al-Qur'an, "Ud'uuni astajib lakum." Berdoalah kepada-Ku, niscaya Aku kabulkan.

Sebagai masjid yang pertama kali dibangun di dunia, Masjidil Haram memiliki sejumlah keistimewaan. Di antaranya adalah dilipatgandakannya pahala shalat di tempat ini, sebagaimana sabda Nabi Muhammad shalallahu 'alaihi wasallam.

Selain tiga tempat di Masjidil Haram di atas, juga terdapat tempat lain di Makkah yang mustajabah untuk berdo'a. Yaitu di bukit Safa dan Marwah, di Telaga Zam-Zam, di bawah Mizab (talang emas), di Padang Arafah, di Muzdalifah, Jabal Rahmah, dan di Mina.

Telaga Zam-Zam

Padang Arafah

Jabal Rahmah

Tempat ini juga merupakan salah satu tempat mustajabah untuk berdoa.Tempat Mustajabah di Masjid Nabawi. Sama halnya dengan Masjidil Haram, seluruh tempat di Masjid Nabawi merupakan tempat mustajabah untuk berdoa. Namun demikian ada juga tempat yang secara khusus disebutkan dalam hadits bahwa Raudhoh merupakan tempat yang paling mustajabah di dalam Masjid Nabawi.

Raudhoh adalah ruang diantara Mimbar dan makam Rasulullah SAW. Keutamaan tempat ini sebagaimana tersebut dalam sebuah hadits yang diriwayatkan oleh Abu Hurairah RA, bahwa Rasulullah SAW bersabda "Diantara rumah dan mimbarku adalah taman diantara taman-taman surga, dan mimbarku di atas telagaku". Ada pendapat bahwa tempat ini kelak akan berpindah ke akhirat. Ibnu Hajar mengemukakan bahwa rahmat dan anugrah kebahagiaan yang turun ke tempat tersebut seperti yang turun ke taman surga, disebabkan karena dzikir kepada Allah SWT yang dilakukan terus-menerus di tempat itu. Beliau menambahkan bahwa ibadah yang dilakukan di Raudhoh akan membawa pelakunya ke surga. Wallahu 'alamu..
Gambar Raudhoh


Airbus evolution : the final test 1/2

The Airbus evolution has landed, at last. Despite my reservations, i wanted to test this product. The version tested is the Airbus vol.2 Upgrade. I bought it directly on Wilcopub website but it's definitely not the best thing to do. ../.
Installation :

I don't like to spread out my visa card datas and Wilco has not the best payment process. I went through something called Ogone secure interface (never heard of it), then, there was some identification for the HUD feature and then, an error message appeard about some hash. It's not finished, i had difficulties to download the file and had to re-enter into my Wilco account to use the link. The whole thing took 20 mn. You will probably need to reinstall the original product. Mind also that the evolution manual requires to reinstall liveries too.

New features :

Once in hand, i tried the weather radar (RealityXP) but apparently, it failed to work on the A330-200 GE. On the RR, hourra, and very good surprise the radar even worked in the virtual cockpit. I handled different views and the radar was still there, on both navigational displays. My advise ; set immediately a real bad weather with a stormy situation to be shure to see it working otherwise you will think something's wrong. Be warned that this is a very simplistic weather radar without any tilt angle setting. And without the tilt tuning, its quite harder to scan something in the sky... RealityXP is certainly not to be blamed on this.  Normally when you are climbing you wish to scan weather ahead of you, but not just ahead, there is an ideal angle. How Wilco defined this angle, we don't know and there is nothing about it in the evolution manual.
Weather radar working on both ND.

The HUD worked immediately but Wilco advises to use it in full screen mode because characters sizes are pretty small. I did not succeed in using it in the VC... Wilco is not PMDG...

The external model :

It's not a surprise, the outer model hasn't change apart two or three high definition textures, maybe on the wings (hard to tell) and the pilots have also a better resolution texture but seriously, two clones with the same face.. Was it so difficult to update that  Anyway, its still possible to make a merge from this model and, Airbus OpenSky projet for instance.

Inside the virtual cockpit :

The main board looks better and might have been updated with higher definition textures. An other pleasant surprise, is the good old rain effect on the windscreen. But everything else hasn't change ; same awful overhead and the flood light button is not working in VC mode (updated / to be checked. normally with the upgrade proper electrical buttons must be activated). 65-70 % of buttons are functional and its possible to start from a cold and dark status. Lights are a real problem. I tested a night flight and i can't read the pedestal 2D panel. How can these guys can't even check that. Old recurrent problems. I also launched a flight from Vroute, downloaded via the FMC (import fsplan in menu) but got a fatal runtime error. I will try to delete the .cfg file in Airbus\fmgc\ folder. Okay problem solved this time. The bug appears in full screen mode apparently (but it can be occuring on my own configuration).

Conclusion :

For 20 €/24$, this upgrade add two interesting features, the weather radar and the HUD. And i already wrote in a previous post that the FMC is the true ultimate addition to this new product. Does it worth buying the upgrade, finally yes. And the full package ? Oh no, you don't want to do that. The graphic model doesn't desserve your 38 €/43$...
Updated : mind that there isn't quite a lot of liveries eventually. Wilco (old) website has been swept out and the free liveries are all gone. McPhat studios had a few ones but same problem, you cannot find the extra (wonderful) liveries...
Updated 01/04 : after several flights, i note that the framerate is far from excellent and maybe a bit worst than with the previous version. For instance, i get a 12/15 fps with the Quality wings B757 and a 10-11 with the Airbus evolution (under IVAO environment). I can't explain it. And this is with a basic Airbus livery... Sorry for this bad news.

Incoming tomorrow : evolution final test 2/2 : the FMC

Tallyho tallyho, Captain speaking

"At this point, I think it is safe to say that from an aircraft functionality standpoint, the NGX is largely finished"  Airdailyx offers a little summary ....

Dr. Vaos../ tuning/tweaking and adapting the autoflight and FMS behaviors under LNAV/VNAV../..
Alex is cleaning up last minute details in the options and sim functionality areas of the FMS../..
Vin is heavily engaged in optimization, working in conjunction with Michael and Alex to squeeze greater and greater performance out of the airplane. To give you an idea how optimization is going, we have improved FPS in the airplane 30% just this week alone../..
On my end (R. RAndazzo), I am going through approximately 12,000 pages of documentation on the airplane, one page at a time, validating the behavior of every light, switch, system and operation on the aircraft.  Stop.

We appreciate your patience- we have enjoyed sharing our enthusiasm for the development of this airplane with your enthusiasm for flying it. We promise the wait will be worth your time!. Stop.

Well, that's an update. Thanks again to P.M.D.G. international corporation ltd. (The original post has been summarized by Airdailyx).

Full text :