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Mysterious Girlfriend X

Mysterious Girlfriend X is the story of high school student Tsubaki Akira (椿明?) and his classmate, a strange scissors-wielding girl named Urabe Mikoto (卜部美琴?), who begin an unusual romance after he becomes addicted to her saliva.Contents


The story begins with Urabe Mikoto, a new transfer student, being introduced to Tsubaki Akira's class. She is assigned to a seat next to Tsubaki, who is designated by their homeroom adviser to be her guide.

Tsubaki and the rest of the class soon discover that Urabe is an unusual girl. She makes no attempt to be sociable with her new classmates - choosing instead to sleep at her desk during break times - and rebuffs the friendly advances of those who seek to get to know her better. These actions - and her breaking out in hysterical laughter in the middle of class on her first day at school - cause her to be labeled as a strange person and avoided by her classmates.

Leaving school late one afternoon, Tsubaki returns to the classroom for his bag and finds Urabe still asleep at her desk. Waking her up, he catches a glimpse of her pretty face (which is usually half-hidden by her bangs) before she leaves. Noticing some drool left by Urabe on her desk, he absentmindedly tastes it before realizing what he is doing, and hurries home in embarrassment.

That night, Tsubaki has a strange dream about himself and Urabe. A few days later, he falls ill and collapses at school. Five days later, with his fever showing no signs of breaking, Urabe visits him at his house and asks him whether he tasted the drool on her desk. Upon receiving an admission of guilt, she has him lick her saliva off her finger which, to Tsubaki's amazement, causes his illness to subside immediately. Urabe explains to him that he was suffering from "love sickness", and that he experienced withdrawal symptoms from not receiving her saliva since the day he first tasted it.

From the next day onward, Tsubaki finds Urabe waiting for him on his way home from school. They settle into a routine of him licking her saliva off her finger before they part ways in order to prevent a fresh onset of withdrawal symptoms. It is during one of these walks home that Tsubaki learns that Urabe keeps a pair of scissors tucked into her panties, and that she is very skilled in their use.

Tsubaki eventually realizes he has fallen in love with Urabe, and asks her to become his girlfriend. Urabe tells him he first has to prove uniquely his desire for them to become a couple, which Tsubaki does by using Urabe's scissors to destroy a photograph of a girl he previously had a crush on. Overjoyed at Tsubaki's unusual demonstration of love, Urabe accepts.

Over time, Tsubaki discovers that he and Urabe can "communicate" to each other their emotions and the physiological states of their bodies through their saliva, and that Urabe can also read his thoughts by tasting his saliva in turn. The rest of the manga chronicles significant milestones in the progress of the couple's relationship and the events leading up to them, and highlights the unique emotional and telepathic bonds they share.
Tsubaki Akira
The story's main character. Since he has tasted Urabe's drool the two have entered into a strange love relationship. He's reached the age where he's acquired some interest in the opposite sex, but his lack of experience and knowledge of Urabe and her feeling for him are a hindrance to Tsubaki, as he is unable to judge the pace of their relationship and make any progress in romancing Urabe. Tsubaki lives with his sister and father after the death of their mother. Oka has also dubbed him as the possessive type, as he got jealous when many guys where considering to ask Urabe out after her new hairstyle shows off her face. He has recently become a fan of the idol Imai Momoka, but only because she looks just like Urabe and sees her in place of Momoka.
There is also a list of things he wishes to do with Urabe but is stopped in fear of her using her panty scissors on him. Through a twist in events he got to see a small glimpse of her completely nude in Chapter 25, of which he denied when asked because from an earlier event he didn't want to embarrass her.
1. Call her by her first name (which he is unaware is that it is something she wants)
2. Have a more physical relationship with her (wants to hold her, kiss her and dreams about having sex with her)
3. Getting a picture of her smiling (which he seems to use Imai Momoka to substitute)
Urabe Mikoto
A transfer student who joins Tsubaki's class at the start of the manga. She is considered strange by her classmates because of her unwillingness to socialize with others and her habit of sleeping at her desk during break times. Unknown to most people, she has the ability to communicate telepathically and transfer the physical condition of her body through her saliva and, on at least one occasion, through her perspiration - as well as read others' thoughts and have the physical condition of their bodies transferred to her via their saliva. This ability is limited to only a couple people, the reasons for which are not known. She carries a pair of scissors with her at all times, and is very skilled in their use. She is also good at sports, and excels at running and swimming. Not much is known about Urabe's family at this time. Every time Urabe has had Tsubaki visit her in her apartment her parents have been out but it has been stated that her father owns a house by the sea, hinting that her parents might be divorced or separated. And after a certain incident in chapter 21, it appears she likes to have her left ear played with. She too has a possessive personality, getting really jealous when he looks at other girls, including girls in magazines (especially Imai Momoka who looks just like her) where she shreds them with her scissors. Though she always has a monotone expression, she has been seen reacting erratically if she accidentally injures Tsubaki, which suggests that her control over her emotions is starting to crack. She was later mistaken as Momoka by her manager, and taken by mistake. Also she doesn't prefer using any beauty products as when Tsubaki complimented her scent and asked if she was wearing any perfume, she answered "I don't use anything like that".
Oka Ayuko
A short (143 cm tall), bespectacled girl with a well-endowed chest and an impressive figure. She is the only person who knows that Tsubaki and Urabe are dating as she is interested in the unusual relationship between the couple, and wants to become friends with them. She inadvertently finds she has a saliva "bond" with Urabe, very similar to that of Tsubaki's. Oka's cooking is enjoyed by Urabe and the two have lunch together often at school. While Urabe has claimed she doesn't want to be friends, Oka has becomes Urabe's closest companion at school. She likes to tease Urabe, in a way able to see through her emotional wall and tell what Urabe would like Tsubaki to do for her, as well as constantly touch her to the point that Urabe describes Oka's reaction similar to that of a perverted old man. Her glasses have the tendency of fogging up when her heart beats fast enough.
Ueno Kouhei
A bespectacled friend and classmate of Tsubaki. He and Oka have been dating for about a year, but try to keep it a secret from their classmates. Only Tsubaki and Urabe (and later Hayakawa) are aware of their relationship. He often fondly recounts to Tsubaki his experiences with Oka; Tsubaki in turn gets romantic ideas to use on Urabe from Ueno's stories. He also seems to possess a possessive style as he won't take Oka to the beach because other guys will see her in a bikini and jealous when other guys talk to her.
Tsubaki Youko
Tsubaki's elder sister. She considers it her duty to raise her brother properly in place of their deceased mother, and refuses to consider getting married until he graduates and finds a job.[1] She spends her time housekeeping. Tsubaki's occasional strange behavior from the effects of Urabe's saliva sometimes makes Youko worry about her brother. Youko has met Urabe, but has not been told of the full extent of her relationship with Tsubaki. Urabe said she was only a classmate Tsubaki helps often at school, though some dialogue suggests she knows the truth.[2]
Minor characters
Hayakawa Aika
A beautiful, long-haired girl who was Tsubaki's classmate and first crush in middle school. She knew of his feelings for her, but never told him, and attended a different high school after graduation. Out of all of the cast she has a very possessive personality, faking a bruise to trick Tsubaki to pretend to be her boyfriend for a day and setting it up so Urabe will come to the festival during that time. However, after clearing up everything with her boyfriend they returned to being a couple again. Another note is that she and Tsubaki have similar quirks.
A popular, good-looking classmate of Tsubaki and Urabe who is also a star player of the school soccer team. He is interested in Urabe, and tries to ask her out, but she turns him down because, unlike Tsubaki, his body has no reaction to her drool.[3]
An attractive, short-haired schoolmate of Tsubaki who is one grade below him. She and Tsubaki met through the school film club. She likes Tsubaki because they share unusual tastes in movies. Although Tsubaki in turn enjoys talking to her, he worries that the attention she gives him will make Urabe jealous.
Imai Momoka
A media idol who looks almost identical to Urabe, except that she has brown hair and much smaller breasts. She makes an appearance in Chapter 37, and seems to have much more in common with Urabe than one would expect, though more energetic. Like how Urabe uses scissors on people, she kicks, though she wears restraints, however both are located where their panties are. She sought out Urabe in hopes she will agree to her plan of switching between model and student, however Urabe completely turns her down. After accidentally knocking her out (and Urabe cutting off all of her clothing), she discovers the difference in their breast sizes, seeming to have a changed her mind after discovering this. After seeing Urabe and Tsubaki's bond, she goes with her promise and lets go of her plan to switch places, however not before stealing Urabe's uniform and going to make Tsubaki taste her drool.[dubious – discuss] It is revealed she wanted to become a "normal" girl due to an incident with a boy she had a crush on before she became famous. Then after being discovered and becoming famous, she finally gained up the courage to confess her feelings to him, but before they kissed he asked if he could tell his friends he was dating a famous girl. Realizing he only liked her because she was famous, she high kicked him in the head.

ISBN 978-4-06-314424-6, published on August 23, 2006
ISBN 978-4-06-314457-4, published on June 22, 2007
ISBN 978-4-06-314490-1, published on February 22, 2008
ISBN 978-4-06-314539-7, published on November 21, 2008
ISBN 978-4-06-314583-0, published on August 21, 2009

Volume 1
Chapter 0 : Mysterious Girlfriend X
Bonus Chapter 0.5 : Mysterious Haircut
Chapter 1 : Mysterious Bond
Chapter 2 : Mysterious Photograph
Chapter 3 : Mysterious Test Tube
Chapter 4 : Mysterious Day When the Wind was Strong

Volume 2
Chapter 5 : Mysterious Outdoor Pool
Chapter 6 : Mysterious Summer Vacation
Chapter 7 : Mysterious Girl Meets Mysterious Girl
Chapter 8 : Mysterious Girl meets Mysterious Girl Continued
Chapter 9 : Mysterious Sign
Chapter 10 : Mysterious Wonder Drug
Chapter 11 : Mysterious Arousal
Chapter 12 : Mysterious Memory
Bonus Chapter 12.5 : Mysterious Nyaa

Volume 3
Chapter 13 : Mysterious Dessert
Chapter 14 : Mysterious Rain Shelter
Chapter 15 : Mysterious Step Up
Chapter 16 : Mysterious Sea-Bathing
Chapter 17 : Mysterious Athletic Festival
Chapter 18 : Mysterious Exam Study
Chapter 19 : Mysterious Big Sister
Chapter 20 : Mysterious Sensation
Bonus Chapter 20.5 : Mysterious Boyfriend X

Volume 4
Chapter 21 : Mysterious Feeling
Chapter 22 : Mysterious Response
Chapter 23 : Mysterious For Some Reason, That Kind of...
Chapter 24 : Mysterious Idol
Chapter 25 : Mysterious Moment
Chapter 26 : Mysterious Souvenir
Chapter 27 : Mysterious Summer Greetings
Chapter 28 : Mysterious Adventure
Bonus Chapter 28.5 : Special Moves Report

Volume 5
Chapter 29 : Mysterious Letter of Challenge
Chapter 30 : Mysterious Cultural Festival - The Night Before
Chapter 31 : Mysterious Cultural Festival 1
Chapter 32 : Mysterious Cultural Festival 2
Chapter 33 : Mysterious Cultural Festival Part 3
Chapter 34 : Mysterious Cultural Festival - After Party
Chapter 35 : Mysterious Delusion 1
Chapter 36 : Mysterious Delusion 2
Bonus Chapter 36.5 : Mysterious "Old Man Transformation" Phenomenon

Volume 6
Chapter 37 : Mysterious High Kick
Chapter 38 : Mysterious Plan
Chapter 39 : Mysterious Unison
Chapter 40 : Mysterious Letters
Chapter 41 : Mysterious Performance
Chapter 42 : Mysterious Experiment
Chapter 43 : Mysterious Experiment Results
Chapter 44 : Mysterious Tremble
Chapter 45 : Mysterious Choice