Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mobil Tenaga Listrik Dan Surya Mulai Di Lirik Banyak Orang

Expensive electric cars and solar car which has adhered to the assumption of all the people who can not afford and want to feel great and high-tech car is indeed very difficult. But will Yes, electric cars Spyder The XC has been designed by Kim Seung order to be able to walk on the edge of town, this car even aspired to be owned by people who earn Rp. 30 Million / Year, so easy not to get it. Once the rapid climate change that occurred recently, the creator wanted to create in the near future would like to propose this system to the car assembly in order to be mass produced.

Vehicles powered by electric motors of electric power generated from batteries or solar power or sunlight. Power source from a lithium-ion batteries can power the electric motors menghasilkn for 100hp, so it can carry more passengers ride as far as 600km.

The XC Spyder cars are equipped with solar panels integrated layer with the glass roof is also utilizing renewable energy throughout the day. In addition, unique patterns of solar panels installed to make us admire the elegance and sophistication of this vehicle. Designers expect that the vehicle can be produced from recycled materials going forward, including ultra-light aluminum body that can be made from recycled aluminum cans so easy to be applied on systems and other devices, for a better world, of course, kim said on its website .

Future Cars

Future vehicles can be operated in two modes: first as a battery-powered electric cars as well as a balcony!

This car can crawl and climb on the walls of the building and parked right in front of your apartment window. This is a solution to the increasingly limited parking in the future as it increasingly crowded big cities