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Weh Spring Offensive Continues: Targets Martinez In Push Poll, Plus: Rove NM Visit Prompts Reflection On Past And Future Of State Party

Our on-the-ball campaign watchers inform that Allen Weh has pulled out his branding iron and seared Susana Martinez in a negative push poll, ending the "speak no evil" chapter in the five way race for the 2010 GOP Guv nomination.

Our watchers say the Wednesday night poll into Republican households asked respondents if they would vote for Martinez if they knew she had been a Democrat before becoming Dona Ana County district attorney. They were also asked if their vote would go to her if they were aware she never had "a real job."

Martinez was indeed a Dem before getting elected to the DA's job in Dona Ana over a dozen years ago. In some GOP circles any government job is no job at all. Of course, Weh has received gazillions in federal government contracts for his CSI Aviation. It could be asked if CSI "a real" private sector business or a corporate welfare outfit?

The breaking of the peace in the ranks of the GOP comes just before the first absentee ballots go out May 4 and as Martinez appears to be the main threat to Weh. She is th contender other than Weh up with a major TV buy and she recently came with a Bernalillo County mail piece featuring the endorsement of ABQ Public Safety Director Darren White, the GOP 2008 ABQ US House nominee.

Martinez must make some kind of move here in the metro area to stop Weh, the retired Marine and former state GOP party chairman who is overwhelming the field with $750,000 0f his own money. At least half the GOP primary vote is going to come out of Bernalillo, Valencia and Sandoval counties. But we are getting vibes that Susana may not fight here tooth and nail, that she will hope for the other four candidates--all from the metro--to split this pie into many pieces while she conquers the rural areas.

Susana's hope that Weh is held down here by a split in the vote was given a bit of a boost Thursday when Jim Villanucci, the afternoon host of a popular talk show on KKOB-AM radio, openly endorsed Doug Turner. The 50,000 watt station is also home to conservative talkers Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Turner was quick to dub Villanucci a "conservative" in a fund-raising appeal he sent out after the endorsement, but the veteran radio host is also known for his moderate positions on social issues. For his part, Villanucci cited Turner's electability as his main reason for the unusual endorsement.

"Republican primary voters don’t always vote for a candidate based on their electability against Democrats in general elections. I hope that this time, Republicans will realize that Doug is our best chance to defeat the Democratic opponent this November." Said Villanucci.


Weh is on a spring offensive. His attack on Martinez follows his negative TV ad this week against Diane Denish, the soon to be Dem Guv nominee. Weh is seen as the current front runner by our senior analysts with Martinez given the best chance of stopping him. However, there is no independent polling in the race. Their opinions are based on how they see the race trending and the eventual outcome if that trends remains intact.

Martinez is treading cautiously, but the relentless Weh may force her hand if she truly wants this prize. A problem: Just how does she turn the tables on Weh and attack him in a GOP primary? His vulnerability appears to be more with a general election audience, than a conservative primary crowd.

One would think that something would have to give and that if his rivals see it slipping away, Weh will finally be subjected to some vigorous vetting, if only due to last minute panic. But don't be too concerned. The Dems have their own branding irons warming up over the fire.


Weh has the money and that buys the talent. But there is some sloppiness around the edges. Our informed Alligators say his push poll mispronounced the names of Denish and Pete Domenci Jr. The polling was apparently done by the Tarrance Group, a longtime GOP polling firm, but it seems their phone crews were not properly briefed. The outfit charged Weh $29,000 for an in depth February poll, according to state records.

And Weh's TV attack on Denish said that she used Federal stimulus funds to pay for a ride in the state jet to Gallup when Denish retorts that it was actually state money that paid for the trip.

Weh has shown us in this campaign that he is able to delegate authority to experts, but his early errors raise the question of how effective he is at oversight. And that just happens to be the primary task of the Governor of New Mexico.


We could see politics heat up this weekend with the visit of Karl Rove, the hyper-controversial former Bush guru and author of a new book. Rove will be hosted by the state GOP at a Saturday evening reception at the ABQ Hilton. It's $250 to go to the VIP reception and get the book signed; $100 for the general reception and book signing.

An Alligator hanging at the Hilton told us they saw C-SPAN setting up there, so the event may be televised nationally. The Dems are firing off all kinds of email so there will also be a healthy number of protesters on hand to welcome Rove and get TV face time.

Is the NM GOP getting enough money out of this event to justify potential negative fall out?


The larger question raised by the Rove visit is when the NM GOP is going to let go of the past and be rebuilt with young and more moderate leaders. The 2008 election was a near-extinction level event for the GOP as it lost all representation at the Federal level and was further diminished in Santa Fe. Yet we have seen little change in the philosophical direction of the party in this diverse state.

We took note of an recent eight point plan to "clean up" the corruption in Santa Fe, passed around by the GOP and authored by former Congresswoman Heather Wilson. There were some interesting suggestions, but none had the power of the one that we've repeatedly advocated--restore political competitiveness in our state by moderating the state GOP, particularly on hot-button social issues, and also relaxing its rigid economic code that prevents it from fully understanding the concerns of working class New Mexicans.

Wilson had a chance to do that, but instead fully embraced the Bush presidency as did now retired Senator Pete Domenici. The moment of truth came back in 2003 when we warned that by throwing then-GOP Chairwoman Ramsay Gorham overboard, Wilson, Domenici and Rove were abdicating any hope to expand the state party. History tells the rest of the story--complete devastation for the R's.

But the ghosts of Bush, Domenici, Wilson and Rove still hover over the state's minority party. They had their successes (Bush won NM in 2004) and it can be hard to turn the page. But if the corruption that Wilson says so perturbs her is to be eradicated, it won't be by a code of ethics, it will be by restoring competitiveness between the two political parties. That will require the Republicans to transition to a party that is not held hostage by its social conservatives. That, in turn, will require new, young faces, new ideas and new consultants. We are starting to see some.

The ghosts need to cease their haunting.


Jay Leno: "Well, executives from Goldman Sachs were grilled by Congress. I think they learned their lesson...They said for the next 24 hours, they will not take a single bonus."

Thanks for being with us this week. We appreciate your continued interest. From Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan reporting.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Darren's Flirting With Susana Raises Eyebrows, Plus: Weh Sucks Di Into Squabble, Also: Update From The Rio Rancho Beat

Insiders say ABQ Mayor RJ Berry has discouraged staffers from getting involved in the Republican Guv primary, but that isn't stopping Darren White, his public safety director, from surfacing in a big way on behalf of Susana Martinez as she begins her push into big Bernalillo County. White has written a fund-raising letter on behalf of the Dona Ana County District attorney and is featured prominently in a glossy mail piece and posted with this blog. (Click to enlarge.)

Mayor Berry has stayed neutral in the five way primary. White, the former Bernalillo County sheriff, endorsed Martinez shortly before going to work for the city. Martinez's mail piece is careful not to mention that White is the current public safety director and the fund-raising letter White wrote simply has his name as the title, not his official position.

But his prominent role for Martinez is riling the other campaigns who believe the public safety director should adhere to the mayor's neutrality. They want Berry to rein him in. Besides, they ask, shouldn't the top law enforcement manager in the city stay out of partisan politics?

Whatever the case, Martinez needs to break through here and is obviously expecting White to do some heavy lifting for her.


We continue to track for you the major element of Campaign '10--the TV spending. Some tidbits from our media Gators--a 30 second spot on the 6 PM KOAT news is going for $330. On KOB-TV, the 6 pm news is being sold to the candidates for $450 and on KRQE-TV's 5:3o pm news the price is $300. The noon news on KOB fetches $125 a pop and the noon news on KRQE goes for $200. These prices seem to us to be down considerably from the glory years.


Allen Weh is sucking Diane Denish into a public argument. That's good for Weh, but questionable for the lieutenant governor who is soon to be the Dem nominee for Governor. Di says Allen's latest TV ad charging that she used 2003 federal stimulus money to pay for the state jet to take her to Gallup is inaccurate. The flight was paid for with state general fund money, not federal money as Weh's ad states, she says. But to angry voters it's all taxpayer money they see being burned up in that vapor trail left behind by the state jet.

But there's more. Weh continues his jet offensive with this:

Lt. Governor Diane Denish and her husband took the state plane to Farmington to attend a fundraiser and political event for Democrat US Senate candidate Tom Udall during the 2008 campaign season. She paid for the trip out of federal stimulus money entrusted to her care.

But Di says Weh has told another whopper:

The host of the fundraiser, Mark Biel of Farmington, confirmed that Diane did not attend the event. Diane never attended the Udall fundraiser. The post-it note on which the fund-raiser was mentioned was an FYI about other events happening in the Four Corners area at the time she was there.

Maybe Weh isn't concerned too much about accuracy now, but if he continues it will catch up with him. Meanwhile, R's who love their red meat are probably eating all this up. And those R's are still Weh's target because for all the bravado, he has still not wrapped up the GOP nomination.

Beating up on Denish and stretching the truth to do it isn't going to hurt him in a GOP primary. But it again raises the question of why Weh is in this position. It's because his four rivals firmly believe that the first one to attack Weh will suffer a backlash and end any chance they have at securing the nomination. And that leads us to our next item....


Veteran Republican political consultant, former ABQ city councilor and ex-city transit chief Greg Payne says if no one is up on the air attacking Allen Weh by the first weekend in May, Weh will win the GOP Guv nomination on June 1. That first weekend starts this Saturday.


Back to the Rio Rancho budget mess and we see that Mayor Tom Swisstack has parted company with his city manager, James Jimenez, and recommends furloughs and salary cuts for city employees for the budget year starting July 1. The city faces a $3.6 million deficit.

We wondered here why the city was proposing a quarter cent increase in the gross receipts tax when it was not asking for any sacrifice from its work force. The plan that will now go to the city council would have city employees choose between a salary cut of one percent or a three day furlough. Police and firemen would take a three-quarters percent pay cut.

However, Swisstack is still recommending that quarter cent gross receipts tax, even though the city is in the middle of a brutal recession. He says Rio Rancho is so tapped out increased taxes are necessary. He will also support installing those often dreaded red light cameras to raise revenue, saying they will substitute for additional police manpower that can't be funded.

Swisstack's dire budget message stands in contrast to his recent boosterism that Rio Rancho, by attracting new business, will soon be booming again. Don't count on it. The housing crash hit the city particularly hard and while some new jobs are coming on line, it will be years before their area gets back to its previous employment levels.

The city council could still try to avoid raising taxes in this downturn, and we think they should. But with Swisstack coming around on city employees sharing the pain, the tax hike may be easier for City of Vision residents to swallow.


The new economic reality moves across the state like a slow moving shadow. Now word comes of 16 lost jobs in the Los Lunas school system, south of ABQ. It's a story being repeated statewide. These government job losses are often bewildering to behold. They have been at the foundation of the economy here since the end of WWII.


Reader Juan Massey writes in about our recent chicharrones debate:

Joe, I'm guilty as charged of being a "purist pendejo" when it comes to the Spanish language: Singular for Chicharrones is Chicharrón, not Chicharrone. Thank you; it's just that I am as amused about the debate as I am peeved about the spelling everytime I read your blog.

Hey, Juan, you expect a lot from a Gringo from Pennsylvania, but we'll keep trying.


Brian Colon is a gift that keeps giving when it comes to blogging photos. First we had the Dem lieutenant governor candidate setting of a tempest in the chicharrone pot when he was photographed stirring the pork morsels with a metal paddle, not the wooden paddle that traditionalists swear by. We had plenty of debate on that.

Now Brian is back on the blog courtesy of a reader who shows the candidate posing with a dog who looks as if it would rather be anywhere else than with Brian. We're sure Colon rivals Lawrence Rael or Joe Campos would like their turn at writing a cut line for that pic. but we'll just speculate that Colon is a cat person and leave it at that. (Of course, if you have a cut line, feel free to email it in.)

This is the home of New Mexico politics. Email your news and comments, anonymously if you wish.

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Li-Nian Consep Dan Penjualan Honda Di Cina

Honda managed to sell 580 000 units of cars in China last year. This achievement represents a new record, while placing China as the country's most Honda buyers. Thus, President and CEO of Honda Motor Co.., Ltd.. Takanobu Ito declared in a speech at Beijing Motor Show, a few days yesterday.

"Honda will continue to strive to be the closest car manufacturer with customers in China, according to their needs," said Ito. "We will also introduce a new model of environmentally friendly and cooperation with our partner, Guangzhou Automobile and Dongfeng Motor."
He added two hybrid models produced in Japan, Insight and CR-Z, will be sold in the China market before the end of 2012. While promising hybrids Acura models will be marketed within the next three years.

Ito also said that Honda is ready to create new markets by introducing a premium crossover model, Crosstour, which will combine the comfort of the sedan with SUV toughness. Honda Crosstour which is scheduled to be produced Guangqi enter the Chinese market later this year.

In Beijing Motor Show 2010 which starts today introduced a concept car that Honda built Guangqi LI Nian Honda brand. The plan, Honda will announce the time to market this car for Guangzhou Motor Show is scheduled for later this year.

In addition, Dongfeng Honda will introduce their own brands, so that both Honda and Dongfeng Honda Guangqi will have their own merekter that will strengthen the position of the Honda group in the Chinese market.

Honda Jazz Akan DI Recall Semua,Benarkah?

Indonesian distributor of Honda cars, Honda Prospect Motor, do not know about the withdrawal of the car also known as Jazz or Fit in some countries.
"Usually when we press, the letter comes before the public," said marketing director of Honda Prospect Motor, Jonfis, Friday night.
Jonfis states, the withdrawal of the entire world does not usually done. "Usually not," he said. That's because car production is not concentrated in one place.
Therefore Jonfis states, has been ascertained by Indonesia was not affected by the recall or withdrawal. "Since the production of Indonesia and different suppliers," said Jonfis.
However Jonfis asking consumers not to panic the first rush. "If there is more information, we'll tell you," he said.

Previously, Honda announced the British decided to pull VIVAnews entire production from 2001 to 2008 Honda Jazz. Honda found there was an error in the production of an important part of the window if suspected of disturbing the water can trigger short-circuit and cause fires.
Honda UK, as reported, January 2010, states will contact all owners of Honda Jazz. This condition will affect the Honda Jazz 646 000 worldwide.
Death Toll
Cases of these fires in September and later claimed the lives of two year old child named Vanilla Nurses in South Africa. Vanilla was sleeping when the car caught fire.
The resignation was signed as a user with a number of Toyota is also concerned about cases of death due to production errors. In the United States, appeared 19 reports of deaths from the gas pedal depressed while Toyota continues to attract riders had legs.

Dongfeng Kembaran Hummer Dari Cina

Dongfeng Motor Corporation (Tionghoa language: 东风 汽车 公司; traditional Hanzi: 东风 汽车 公司; language Tionghoa: Dongfeng Qìchē Gōngsī) is a major company that produces various kinds of motor vehicles. The company is headquartered in Wuhan, China. The result of these vehicles such as trucks, buses, and many more. Founded in 1969.

Failed to buy Hummer from General Motors (GM) does not prevent the Chinese to be able to make vehicles such as giant SUVs. The proof is in the hands of the company Dongfeng, China able to trace a typical military.Wow Hummer H1!

"Hummer" was made at the Dongfeng currently being exhibited at the Beijing Motor Show 2010 event. With army camouflage-patterned blue screen, you will probably smile when he saw it.

Although cursory H1-like shape, but in the perfection of detail Dongfeng Hummer away from the artificial quality of GM. Even that looks funny is the use of white-walled tires are nothing but the hand paint. (SMN)

Montesquieu, Mendelssohn, Three-cornered hats, physically large Acharonim and evolving shi'urim.

If that didn't get your curiosity, nothing will.

Depicted are the Landaus, father and son, of Prague. Rabbi Samuel Landau (d. 1834) did not succeed his father as אב בית דין (essentially Chief Rabbi) of Prague. Rather, he had to play a secondary role in the Prague rabbinate and rabbinic court to Rabbi Elazar Fleckeles, the foremost pupil of his father. When he died (1826) Rabbi Samuel assumed the position of אב"ד until his death. In the meantime, Rabbi Samuel headed a yeshiva in Prague, was a rabbinic leader of some influence, and published his father's writings. In one volume of his fathers sermons, אהבת ציון (Prague, 1827), the son added several of his own sermons. The 12th, a sermon delivered before Prague's Chevra Kadisha on February 29, 1816 contained the following passage:

(The passage is on pp. 52-53 of the hebrewbooks pdf.)

As you can see, Rabbi Samuel notes that all the gentile scholars marvel at how the Jewish people keep on ticking despite the tribulations of exile for nearly 2000 years. This is not so for the fate of other nations, who lost their identity under similar circumstances, and assimilated into the nations which overwhelmed them. He then quotes Montesquieu (and puts Montesquieu in bold print for emphasis), whom he helpfully explains was a French scholar, as giving a reason in his Persian Letters, why the Jews were able to be strong in their exile, and the reason is the Hebrew language. They kept this language, and this was the key to their keeping their religion and customs, and so forth.

The idea in this sermon is of course directed against Reformist currents of the day which were moving toward limiting the role of Hebrew in prayer and learning, and trying to add or replace it with German. Specifically, he is bothered by catechisms and abridgments of the Bible for the youth written in German.

Incidentally, I tried to find this in the Persian Letters, but couldn't. I will note that Rabbi Landau subscribed to the Berlin periodical המאסף, and a Hebrew adaptation of the Persian Letters by Isaac Euchel called איגרות משולם בן אוריה האשתמועי appeared in a number of volumes. In the early days of modern Hebrew literature the presentation of European works in Hebrew tended to be adaptations rather than translations, reworked with Jewish characters and themes. Thus I think it is possible that Rabbi Samuel Landau did not actually read Montesquieu's Lettres Persanes, but he read Iggerot Meshullam, although I have not seen it myself and can't verify if it contains such a passage. My other possibility - apart for having overlooked such a passage concerning the Hebrew language in the Persian Letters - is that in reality the idea is found in the famous Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy, an extremely popular work which influenced Montesquieu's, and does contain some sentiments that are possible candidates for Rabbi Samuel's reference.

I think we can already get a sense that Rabbi Samuel Landau was a little bit . . . modern? It's hard to get a complete sense of him, because he is quoting Montesquieu to defend tradition. Presumably he had reason to believe that such quotations were appropriate for his audience, and that it could speak to them. On the other hand, he was a bit of a modern rabbi. In Dovid Katz's dissertation on the father, the Noda Beyehuda, he describes the son as "kind of a maskil, a member of the Prague Jewish Enlightenment which was interested in considerations of literary aesthetics in a manner that pre-Enlightenment rabbis like Ezekiel would have considered of distinctly secondary importance and not worthy of extended reflection and discussion member of." Katz notes that Jewish Enlightenment in Prague was much more moderate than in Berlin, and cites Leopold Low (writing in 1851) giving an example of how, in a practical manner, the maskilim in Prague at the turn of the century conducted themselves in contrast with the Prague traditionalists and moderate traditionalists:

Low is saying that there were three kinds of yeshivos in Prague. The traditionalists wore Tricorne hats whose sides were of equal length. The moderate traditionalists wore Tricorne hats of unequal lengths, while the maskilim wore a kind of cylindrical hats, as in e.g. the yeshivos of Rabbi Baruch Jeitteles and Rabbi Samuel Landau.

This is an 18th century rabbi in Amsterdam, which gives you a sense of what it was like back in the days when rabbis and yeshiva students wore Tricorne hats. Anyone who has seen depictions of Colonial Americans in these hats probably wondered at some point why it is that we stop seeing them suddenly, although we can't necessarily say when. According to the Wikipedia entry, they fell out of fashion sometime around the time of the French Revolution (1789). In fact, I remember that this was graphically depicted in the excellent minseries John Adams, which was conceived with great attention to historical detail. Anyone who watched the series probably noticed three-corner hat after three-corner hat, and then suddenly! no more Tricorne hats. It is perhaps not surprising that among some Central European Jews these hats did not suddenly disappear when the fashion changed, although among others it did. Draw your own contemporary analogies.

I found it interesting to see this piece of Rabbi Samuel's sermon quoted in a book by a Satmar rabbi called שלא שינו את לשונם, intended to combat the contemporary scourge of Jewish women reading Torah works, stories about Zaddikim, hashkafah and halacha in English. One wonders if they should read Montesquieu's Lettres Persanes?

Title page and contents:

Finally, below is a fascinating image which I hadn't been able to figure out a context for how to post until now:

This scene is the frontispiece to a eulogy for Rabbi Ezekiel Landau published in 1793 called אלון בכות by יוסף האפרתי of Tropplowitz (1770-1804). Here we see the Noda Beyehuda rushing into Moses Mendelssohn's embrace in the afterlife. I don't know if this would be the first imagining of real-life antagonists meeting and embracing in the next world, but it would not be the last. The following was printed in 1899 concerning the death of Rabbi Ya'akov Emden (link):

More recently, on pg. 253 of 'Pathways of the Prophets,' (Artscroll Mesorah 2009; a book which merits its own post or posts) Rabbi Yisroel Reisman writes concerning the debates between the same R. Ya'akov and the grammarian R. Salomo Hanau:

"In my mind's eye, I picture Rav Yaakov Emden and Rav Zalman Henna in Gan Eden, arm in arm, in friendly embrace.

"On second thought, I would picture them in the Mesivta d'Rakea, the Great Beis HaMidrash in Heaven, debating the law of our Holy Tongue in a more animated manner than ever!"

Although that would have been the poetically correct place to end this post, I cannot resist a couple of remarks concerning the Noda Beyehuda's physical size. While it's true that Mendelssohn was short and bent, you can see in that depiction that Rabbi Ezekiel was an uncommonly tall man. In fact, both his son (Rabbi Yakobke) and his disciple R. Elazar Fleckeles describe him as tall, large and handsome. Rabbi Fleckeles even asserts that he looked like a 21-year old when he died (aged 79)!

Rabbi Landau famously reopened a discussion concerning the size of shiurim, halachic sizes of food, which has ramifications for halachic practice even today (see Rabbi N. Slifkin's very interesting article The Evolution of the Olive: The Halachic History of the Expanding Kezayis). Briefly, one rabbinic source equates the volume of an egg and a half with the Talmud's description of a liquid measure, the revi'is, as the volume of the width of two thumbs by two thumbs, with the height of 2.7 thumbs. Rabbi Landau tried it out and discovered to his surprise that his own thumb times 2 and 2 and 2.7 produced the volume equal to three eggs! This in turn raised the question of whether or not thumbs were now larger (which he rejected) or eggs.

In any case, Rabbi Fleckeles writes that in light of the fact that Rabbi Landau was, well, huge he asked him exactly what you are wondering: Rebbe, aren't your thumbs rather big, twice as big as average?

And he responded by nodding and laughing.

Katz pointed out that the precise intention of the response, "he nodded and laughed" is debated in various other sources.

Pemesan Porsche 918 Spyder Sudah Mencapai 900 Lebih

Porsche AG said it had received 900 potential buyers for the 918 Spyder models of hybrids are produced immediately. Wolfgang Porsche's head of development Duerheimer pihanya disclose buyers first need to gather before the start of 1000 production is environmentally friendly sports car.

"I believe in the near future will be collected in 1000 buyers," Wolfgang said on the sidelines of the Beijing Motor Show, Sunday (25 / 4). "We need serious buyers in 1000 to run the business," he continued.

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid was first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show last month. Manufacturing is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany believes the presence of 918 Spyder hybrid sales will double the number of sports cars to be 150,000 units per year.
"We are very optimistic able to expand our position in the sports car segment," he said.

918 Spyder, one of three hybrid models on display at Geneva Porsche, capable of generating power with a combined 500 hp V8 engine and an electric motor. Sports car capable of exploring the 25 km is only with electric motors only takes three liters of gasoline every 100 km distance. While carbon dioxide emissions created only with the weight of 70 grams per kg.

Own Porsche hopes to sell 10,000 units in China, the country's third largest after the United States and Germany Porsche absorber, this year. This raised the target from last year which only reached 9900 units.

To achieve that goal, Porsche has scheduled an official stance on the network 50 from 27 in the year 2012 which is currently owned network. (SMN)

Jok SUV Termahal Terbuat dari Kulit Penis

Glass window of an SUV with a gold film, the flue gas from pure tungsten, and diamond-studded speedometer, ready to be sold at 1 million pounds sterling or approximately USD 14 miliar.Dartz Prombron will probably become the most expensive SUVs World wide, although it is still pretty cheap considering the buyer will also receive three bottles of vodka in the world's most expensive Russian-Baltique-Edition 100th Anniversary.

Last year alone the price of a bottle of vodka had reached 790 pounds sterling 000 (USD 11 billion).
Even more surprising, the skin to bind all guaranteed seats Dartz Prombron fine because the fish originating from the penis paus.Crazy!

In addition, Dartz Prombron also layering with kevlar body parts so that the claimed anti-bullet-and even be able to withstand rocket attacks "this chair is made of genuine leather whale penis.,"

The spokesman said Kombat Dartz, Dartz Prombron companies that develop and produce a lot of vehicles ply steel to Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and the Tsar Nicolas.

"We were inspired by a bar stool at the Christina O yacht of Aristotle Onassis's playboy leather made from the tip of the penis whale,"

continued the source, who declined to be named. "Some people thought we were crazy because of this, but we think we have to make luxury cars in total."
Dartz Prombron which weighs four tons of rounds of the V8 engine capable of producing 450 hp power.

The plan, Dartz Prombron in 2012 will be sold only to consumers in Latin America.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Primary 2010: Thinking It Over, Plus: Ambush On Campaign Trail On YouTube, And: Latest NM Voter Stats

Some thoughts on Primary 2010 as we head for the final month of action. Where are all the signs? You know, the ones that seem to breed like rabbits on every major street corner around this time. Not so much this time as candidates are more watchful over their money this cycle, and there's not as much of it because of the down economy....

Do you think that Republican Allen Weh attacking Dem guv hopeful Diane Denish will make her start spending some of that $2.5 million cash hoard she has on hand? We find it hard to imagine that Di won't go with a sturdy primary TV schedule to prevent herself from becoming defined by Allen...

We don't hear anything about any TV debates for the five GOP Guv hopefuls. Come on TV folks, you can do better...Look for only one poll from the ABQ Journal for the June primary, and the odds are they will poll only on the Republican side---the Guv and Light Guv contestants. It will likely come a couple of weeks before the election...

Bored with the primary? How about ABQ Mayor 2013! Possible Dem candidates to take on Republican RJ Berry if he runs again? How about City Councilors Ken Sanchez, Debbie O'Malley and state Senator Tim Keller. Speaking of the mayor...

If he wants complete credibility as he goes about plugging the mammoth $66 million deficit through salary cuts and other means, he needs to first plug his pay raise holes. We blogged how the new city attorney is making $10,000 more than his predecessor and now TV news reports two parks and recreation workers are getting raises of $3,000 and $5,000. That's not going to go down well with other city workers being asked to take 3 percent pay cuts or with the public--both of whom are counting on Berry to balance the budget fairly...

After being prodded by reliable Alligators, we emailed GOP Bernalillo County Commission candidate Wayne Johnson asking if he was the author of the anonymous and often insightful "Eye on Albuquerque" blog. We received no response. What does that say?

Doug Turner
None of the five GOP candidates for governor offered unequivocal support for the controversial immigration law signed into law by the Governor there last week. Politically, you can understand the hedge. The law is a potential rallying cry to drive Hispanic voter turnout for the Dems this fall. In any event, here is the candidate two-step on this one courtesy of the newspaper.

Meantime, Catholic bishops in the state are coming out against the Arizona measure. This is dangerous stuff for the R's and not only in the Guv's race. What if Rep. Harry Teague can start rallying southern Hispanics fearful of an Arizona type attitude? That could make a difference in his toss-up race with Republican Steve Pearce. We're still waiting to see where ABQ GOP congressional candidate Jon Barela stands on this. Maybe an enterprising reporter will ask him?

Down in Florida a Hispanic Republican US Senate candidate is expressing concern about the law. Marco Rubio says: "I think the law has potential unintended consequences, and it’s one of the reasons why I think immigration should be a federal issue, not a state one.”

It's been a long-standing axiom around your blog that the state GOP was practically wiped out by veering too far right. It may still be too far out there for this state. Doug Turner was the only one of the five GOP candidates to express concern that the Arizona law could lead to racial profiling.

Let's spell out what Turner is getting at. The 2009 census estimates say our state's Hispanic population is at 45 percent; Native Americans represent about 10 percent; Blacks are 3 percent of the population and Asians are 1.4 percent. That leaves the White population at 41.7 percent.

At 41, Turner is the youngest of the GOP hopefuls. That he would even mention the threat of "racial profiling" sets him apart from today's party, but perhaps not the one that may be in the making by the next generation.

Kent Evans
It seems Republican Public Regulation Commission candidate Kent Evans needs to hit the books. The former Dona Ana County Commissioner is getting nuked on YouTube in a video that shows him completely befuddled by audience questions. And the questions were the bread and butter of the commission like the recent Blue Cross rate increase deal which was on the front pages of the papers but Evans said he wasn't aware of. Lesson for candidates? Do your homework or get Tubed.

Jamie Estrada, an Evans rival for the nomination, is making sure the embarrassing video is making the rounds. Ben Hall of Ruidoso and Robert Maez of Las Cruces are the other GOP candidates in the race. The winner will take on Democrat Bill McCamley, a former Doña Ana County commissioner.

This PRC seat is being vacated by Sandy Jones who is seeking the Dem nomination for state land commission. The Dem will be favored, but the seat has been in GOP hands in the past so the GOP nomination is worth having.


Reader Bill Lane stopped by the Secretary of State's office recently and passes on the very latest voter registration stats, comparing the numbers from November of last year to today:

Democrats--563,486 in November; 564,466 today--a gain of 980

Republicans--354, 091 in November; 356,283 today--a gain of 2,192

Decline to state (Independent)--170, 023 in November; 174,334 today--a gain of 4,311

Other parties-- 31,630 in November; 32,052 today--a gain of 422

Total voter registration-- 1,119,230 in November; 1,127, 135 today--a gain of 7,905

Democrats are holding steady with 50% of the state's registered voters. The R's are near 32%, a slight uptick. The Independents are now at 15%.

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Pilgrimage fever

Here's a little blurb about Rabbi Eliyahu Guttmacher (1795-1874) of Grätz (Greidetz) which appeared in 1874:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Big Chunk Of Guv's Cabinet Jumps To Rael, Not Colon; What's Up With That? Plus: Weh TV Takes It To Di While Domenici Debuts Ads, And: Reader Mailbag

Homans & Miller
Conventional wisdom has it that Big Bill and his political acolytes are all lined up behind the lieutenant governor candidacy of former NM Dem Party chairman Brian Colón, but as it often the case in La Poiltica there is intrigue over that notion.

Take a look at the names hosting this fund-raiser for Dem Light Guv hopeful Lawrence Rael. They are all Richardson cabinet secretaries: Ron Curry, John Garcia, Jon Goldstein, Rick Homans, Katherine Miller, Ken Ortiz & Joe Williams.

Scuttlebutt practically being shouted from the rooftops is that soon-to-be Dem Guv nominee and current Light Guv Diane Denish is not an ardent supporter of Colón, believing he would bring baggage to a Dem ticket because of his sometimes controversial association with Bill's campaign fund-raising.

But Denish knows better than to publicly favor any of the Light Guv hopefuls. So the conspiracy theorists ask: Are all these cabinet secretaries acting on their own, hoping to hang on to their plum jobs with a new Dem administration and therefore signing up with Rael, the #2 hopeful they believe Denish favors? And, are they being given a push toward Rael by the Di camp? And what about Big Bill? You have to think he at least knew of what his secretaries planned. Did he call Brian and tell him about the big bone being thrown to Lawrence? Well, everyone needs a job in these times, especially cabinet secretaries who want to continue to serve at the pleasure of the Governor--including the next one.

The cabinet secretaries and other hosts are charged with raising at least $500 for Rael for his May 13th evening fund-raiser at Santa Fe's Rio Chama. And he needs it. Colón leads in the fund-raising and is still seen as the favorite to take the nomination unless Rael comes on hard and strong in the final month. Will he?


Allen Weh must feel pretty comfortable with his position for the June 1 GOP Guv primary. He levels an attack in his latest TV ad, but it's not aimed at any of his Republican rivals, but at Diane Denish who will be the Dem Guv standard-bearer. He faults her for using federal stimulus funds from several years ago to pay for the state jet for a ride to Gallup. Weh swipes:

As governor, I’ll run the state like a business… I’ll get rid of the jet… and bring fiscal sanity to Santa Fe.

Di's rejoinder: This cheap attack is somewhat ironic coming from Allen Weh, given that he owns a private jet company (CSI Aviation) that has made more than $225 million on the backs of taxpayers through government contracts.

That Weh is going after Di and not Susana Martinez or Pete Domenici Jr. speaks volumes about where he feels this campaign stands. He is trying to make it appear that this is a done deal and that the 2010 race for Governor is between Di and him.

He has a case.

Weh has been designated the GOP front runner by our Senior Alligators because he is coming with an essential Republican message delivered with high production values and a satchel full of cash to get that message delivered. The TV, produced by Dawson McCarthy Nelson Media, a Republican ad firm in DC, stands above the field. In the latest spot they go to work not only on Denish but on the retired Marine's prickly personality. They show a picture of a shiny pick-up truck and Weh nearly snickers: "This is how I'll get myself to parades."

That unanswered sassiness is enough to have the Alligators jumping out of the river ready to wrestle this fella and drag him into a real campaign. But they're not on the ballot.

The Dems insist that Weh is a crazy old man who as GOP chairman brought the party to the brink of ruin. They think he'll crack open like Humpty-Dumpty in the heat of a general election. Maybe so. But that's then. For now the old solider soldiers on, executing his battle plan and without much interference from his four rivals.


Pete Domenici Jr. came with his first round of TV ads Monday and he isn't going to lay a glove on Weh with them. Domenici, who shaved his beard for his Guv announcement back in January, apparently tired of the consultants telling him politicians who wear beards in the campaign don't win. The beard is back.

But while there is a new beard there is not a new Domenici when one is sorely needed. He narrates the ads, but it sounds too much like he is reading them. And the message lacks edge when edginess is now imperative to break through.

"My life's work has allowed me to help solve natural resource and water issues all over the state. I know New Mexico. We need to create better jobs and give our children better schools and it's time to rid New Mexico of backroom politics." Domenici intones.

That's not exactly going to rock the boat.

And Daddy Domenici makes a cameo. The ex-Senator and son are shown at the end of one ad seated in chairs chatting away as an announcer says, "Domenici--A trusted name in public service."

Trouble is, these two thirty seconds ads so lack any sense of urgency that you might think the father and son are in rocking chairs.

We blogged yesterday that our insiders report Domenici has made a $70,000 cable buy for the duration of the campaign and purchased no broadcast TV. Now the campaign says the ads will be shown on the major over-the-air network affiliates, but don't anticipate anything significant there.


With Janice Arnold-Jones broke, Doug Turner reluctant to pull the money trigger to compete and the Domenici ads falling flat, the state now awaits the next move from Dona Ana County District Attorney Susana Martinez. She seems to be the only obstacle left on the battlefield for Weh to overcome as he slowly marches toward his objective.


Lots of cool stuff in the email we want to bring your way, so off we go...

Reader David Baltz writes of our Monday headline saying Arizona had taken a "hard-right turn" when it comes to immigration policy:

Wow! With 70% of Arizonans in favor of the crackdown, the “hard-right” must be growing! But seriously, it’s not about politics, Joe. It’s about JOBS and SECURITY.

David may have a point about our perspective. A national Rasmussen poll shows 60% of voters asked are in favor of the tough immigration law signed last week by the Arizona governor. 77% of Republicans favored the measure while Dems were equally divided. But what do you think polling would show in New Mexico? Probably the opposite of those Rasmussen numbers.


Reader Vicki Osborne writes:

Sorry, Joe, but I can’t agree with you that it was solely Wall Street that brought down this country. It started way back with the Clinton administration pushing Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae & the banks to give subprime loans. If I understand correctly, the administration basically demanded the banks offer the same loans as Fannie and Freddie. Wall Street did plenty of damage itself, but the government regulators had a huge part in it by wanting people to buy homes that couldn’t realistically afford to.

Thanks, Vicki. There's plenty of blame to go around, for sure. But you can't dismiss the historic greed and gambling than engulfed Wall Street as solely the fault of government regulators. As I wrote Monday, we've seen this movie before--in the 1930's---and we'll see it again as long as we remain the emotionally driven creatures we are.

And speaking of the banks, First Community Bank, New Mexico's third largest, is hanging by a thread. The commercial real estate crash and the loans made when it was in a bubble are the reason. Is it time for those regulators Vicki wrote of to end this pain for all involved and engineer a marriage with a stronger partner?


Rep. Martin Heinrich's office writes us in response to concerns expressed here Monday by a member of the NM National Guard's fighter wing known as the "Tacos." The storied wing is being disbanded and our Taco fears the replacement mission will not have jobs for all the nearly 1,100 associated with the Tacos at Kirtland Air Force Base:

Since Rep. Heinrich's inclusion of legislative language to require a follow-on mission for the Tacos...he has been in close contact with Air Force ensure that as many jobs as possible are retained during the transition. The latest messages...from top military brass have been that the Taco's follow-on mission with the 58th Special Operations Wing will account for nearly all of the 1,072 guard personnel, and we are hopeful that the official agreement to be completed next month will reflect this understanding.

...Rep. Heinrich remains committed to growing KAFB, and will continue to explore potential additive missions.

We'll watch for that official agreement to see how firm the language is regarding all those jobs.


In our Monday blog we said former ABQ Public Safety Director Pete Dinelli was making less than current Public Safety Director Darren White. However, a city records check shows Dinelli was getting $62.29 an hour vs. $60.10 for White. That means Pete was making a couple thousand more a year than his successor. Not that either is starving. Darren's salary works out to about $125,000 a year.

We invite your email, signed or anonymously.

This is it---the home of New Mexico politics.

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Rabbi Moshe Sofer's responsum on metzitzah.

Here's the famous responsum of the talmudischen Autoritat Chasam Sofer on meziza as it appeared in the first volume of the journal Kochbe Jizchak (1845):

Dr. Shlomo Sprecher describes the publication of this responsum in his excellent article Mezizah be-Peh - Therapeutic Touch or Hippocratic Vestige? in Hakirah v. 3 as follows:
In fact, the Ḥatam Sofer’s original Responsum appeared in print only once―in early 1845―in the pages of the first issue of a Hebrew literary periodical issued in Vienna, entitled Kokhavei Yiẓḥak. Its editor, Mendel Stern, was a native of Pressburg and had served as a tutor in the Ḥatam Sofer’s household, instructing his children. This publication was not the usual kind of reading material favored by the disciples of the Ḥatam Sofer, and so it is not surprising that many 19th Century authorities could seriously doubt the veracity of this attribution. However, to continue to maintain these doubts or posit qualifications such as “hora’at sha’ah” given the state of information available today is simply wrong.
Here is a picture of the recipient of the responsum, Rabbi Lazar Horowitz:


A Jewish-Chinese intermarriage in 1909.

I also added a little story in the same periodical from Lemberg.

Di Jepang,AS,Eropa Produksi Honda Menurun

TOKYO (SMN) - Honda Motor Co. Ltd.. today reported a decline in production in Japan for three consecutive years since 2008.

Honda's automobile production in Japan during fiscal 2010 plunged 21.5 percent return compared to fiscal 2009.For 1 April 2009 until March 31, 2010 Honda is only able to make 901 775 units of cars in this country.

Fiscal 2010 and the decline in production experienced by Juha Honda North America which reached 7.9 per cent to 1,152,009 units, American Honda Serikar minus 3.5 percent to 827 946 units, and Honda Europe minus 43.1 percent to 346 units in 1999.

Honda increased production occurs only in China and Asia. In China, Honda managed to produce 652 596 units, up 28.1 percent from fiscal year 2009. In Asia, total production reached 991 999 units to make 20.1 percent increase.Meanwhile Honda car sales are listed in increasing the Japanese mengalamim 14.2 percent, to 662 270 units. While at Honda's sales grew 20.6 percent last Meret, into 81 056 units compared to the same month last year.

In addition, in March, the first three months of the year 2010 Honda sales in Japan have gathered as many as 184 181 units, up 25 percent from the same period last year. (SMN)

Fitur Mazda2 Memberikan Gengsi Tersendiri

From the rider said mazda2 ...
One thing that makes me feel proud when driving on the island Mazda2 is when the eyes of foreign tourists heading in my direction. Some even smiled and raised his thumb. I do not know what makes them stunned, then I understand even less. While finding out, I could only smile back with a grinning face.

In the end, when I parked the Mazda2 in front of a craft store, so I understand the meaning of the stranger's smile.
"Wow, what a car is Green ... Very funny ...,?" Said a young woman with blond hair.
I then replied, "That's Mazda."

"I've seen it. Obviously this is a new car? It's beautiful," she said again.
From the brief conversation that I began to understand the purpose of greeting the President Director of PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) Yoshiya Horigome. He said, "Most entries we received a very positive tone. They (the public) to justify our confidence in the car (Mazda2) which bears the title of the Word was Car of the Year."

Two sentences on top of what I need to underline here is "very positive" and "Word Car of the Year".
The second sentence is very sacred. Therefore, blessed are cars that can achieve that sentence. And, whether the two predicate Mazda2 deserves, I'll answer it here.

Mazda2 is quite unique. This car appears adorable. Not only from a small and simple design, but also rautnya sweet. Seeing the wide front grille, we will remember an expression of smiling children.
With a performance like it was only natural that Mazda claims the product as a fun car. Not only for penggendaraan in the city, but also outside the city. Not only for advanced riders, but also the beginner rider. Not just for women but also for young men.

Along with aggressive performance, like other recent product Mazda, Mazda2 was also built with good quality. The lines of inter-agency panel that was so right. Pengecetan also worked with the smooth. Even the materials used for thick and clear light.
For all outcomes, no wonder if Mazda is grateful to Ford so far has helped create a strong car.

Such as that offered by competitors in its class, nobody was standing on the cabin layout Mazda2. Instrument panel, speedometer display, the chimney and the AC button, until the gear lever position does not give a new look. Only practical design that looks unique just because of the dominance of spherical articulation.

Use of aluminum-accented also still prefer to emphasize the sporty interior elements. Mazda2 melangkapi panel aluminum accents on door trim, the transmission lever, and bar the rim.

Performance and Control
Before explaining the performance, first I will declare my steering system provided Mazda2.

Technology Electric Power Assist Steering system (EPAS) was injected at a super mini Mazda can be proud. Section, the effectiveness of this technology has been most effective when I move the steering wheel in the parking lot. Lightweight and measurable is a fact that can be felt. Even he can also show its effectiveness when the car drove at high speed.

In short, the Mazda2 as the steering system that is able to lock the intelligent control of the shaft at right angles. Turn to low speed and aggressive maneuvers at high speed become so easy with the Mazda2.