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State Dems: Playing With Dynamite? Special Session Tests Mettle, Plus: If We Ruled The World--A Budget Plan, And: Domenici Cash Total; What's It Mean?

Rep. Maestas
Democrats may be playing with political dynamite as they go into special session in Santa Fe today to try to resolve a budget shortfall for the year that starts July 1 and that could be as much as $800 million.

The dynamite sticks are a quarter cent increase in the gross receipts tax and a reinstatement of the taxon food while leaving untouched the tax bills of the state's most wealthy residents.

This will be the second bite out of the budget apple. Lawmakers failed to reach an agreement in the regular 30 day session. And if they've again underestimated the revenue picture, as has happened time and again, yet another special session awaits us later in the year. And maybe more trainwrecks, too.

All 70 members of the state House are up for re-election this year and there is nervousness among some of them over the direction of the NM Democratic Party. The state Senate--ruled by a coalition of Republicans and conservative Dems-- is locked down on not raising taxes on the well-off. In the recent regular session, the House passed a temporary surtax on high wage earners, but it appears to be off the table as the special starts today--or is it?

Some House Dems want it back on the table, fearing a backlash in the June primaries or the November election if Democratic voters see no difference in the economic policy between the two parties.

ABQ Dem State Rep. Antonio "Moe" Maestas points out it would take only 10 of the House Dems to join with the R's to block anything from coming out of the House. You have to think that means any kind of food tax is going to have a difficult time.

The newspaper reports on the latest plan on the controversial food tax : "Municipalities would impose their local gross receipts tax rate on the purchase of food items. The state portion of the gross receipts tax on food wouldn't be imposed, and the state would stop compensating cities for their lost food tax revenue. This change would generate about $71 million for the state.

Meanwhile, Maestas has sponsored a measure to slightly raise the tax brackets on the highest earning taxpayers that would bring in $70 million a year (For example, taxpayers with income of $250,000 to $500,000 would pay a rate of 5.9%). Maestas notes that the highest bracket is 4.9%--a rate that applies whether you are making $500,000 a year or $50,000. The ABQ West Side lawmaker wisecracked:

I've always wanted to break into a higher tax bracket. Under current law I'm unable to.


Anxious Dems fear the R's will have a field day with any reinstatement of the food tax, even on junk food. They say that would be portrayed as a slap against working mothers who buy their kids a candy bar. Maestas agrees it's too hot to handle and besides, he rejects the notion of the state trying to get people to eat or not eat particular food items. "That's a nanny state mentality," he argues.

The food tax was killed in the recent session, but it's a favorite of Senate Finance Chairman John Arthur Smith who is also a refusenik when it comes to the surtax on high wage earners. The chairman's insistence on this perplexes some. His daddy was an itinerant road repair worker during the Great Depression. What would he think?

Any increase in the gross receipts tax will impact lower income households most. Soon to be Dem Guv nominee Diane Denish has come out in opposition to raising the tax, knowing she would be lambasted for it during the fall campaign.

But Denish and House Democrats who are on precarious political footing have no fall back position. If the Legislature approved that surtax on the wealthy as well as a small gross receipts increase, they could tell their base voters--thousands of low-paid working class New Mexicans and progressives--that they are indeed spreading the budget pain around. But what do they tell them when they don't?


Democrats are facing their first true test on the tax issue in decades. They have been able to ride in the low-tax parade all these years because there was such an abundance of cash. Big Bill's 2003 rollback of the state's tax brackets was nearly universally embraced during the Great Bull Market. Now during this Great Recession, the Dems are being asked to pivot, but Richardson, aligned with conservative state Senators, is unwilling to make the move. And so far, Denish is also stuck.

Not that the Republicans aren't also suffering from myopia when it comes to taxes. No matter the economic environment they have a simple mantra of tax cuts all the time. But Democrats in the Legislature may be setting themselves up for a fall by keeping the GOP base vote out of their sights and punishing their own. Don't say we didn't tell you.


Rep. Miera
Of course, we need more than tax increases. We need a lot more spending cuts. But how do you do that when over half the state budget funds public education and the education lobby has a stranglehold on the state House?

Educators have opposed an even 1% cut in funding. And the Legislature has been woefully ineffective in eliminating the administrative overhead in the schools that is one of the longest running jokes in the state.

Which leads to the question: Why is ABQ State Rep. Rick Miera, chairman of the House Education Committee, included as a top representative in the budget negotiations between the House and Senate? That role is traditionally reserved for the legislative leadership and chairs of the finance committees. But there Friday was Rick front and center coming out of the Guv's office with House leaders.

If the reason he is there is because so much of the budget is education, then why isn't Senate Education Committee Chair Cynthia Nava part of the budget talks? Or is Miera's presence a sign of just how out sized the muscle of the public education lobby has grown?

We're just asking...


With the start of the special session today we find it timely for another of our periodic installments of "If We Ruled the World." However, it’s not that much different from previous editions, so forgive any repetition.

For brevity’s sake, we’ve deleted the parts about winning the lottery, getting the girl and mandating that all restaurants carry flavored San Pellegrino (in the can).

First, pass a surtax on high income taxpayers that generates $80 million a year, then approve a quarter cent increase in the statewide gross receipts tax that effects everyone and will take in about $125 million; Fix that corporate tax loophole for Wal-Mart and other big box stores, raising around $50 million a year. We're now up to around $255 million.

If we must, do a quarter, not a dollar tax, on a pack of cigarettes. And beef up tax collections on out of state taxpayers that Speaker Lujan has talked about. And continue to redirect unspent capital outlay money to the general fund. We did about $150 million during the regular session. Let's go for another $100 million during the special. We still have well over a billion dollars of capital outlay, much of it unspent, sitting in state coffers.

We're now at about $400 million, and it's time for the spending cuts--if we ruled the world. We'd start with the sacred cow--public education. Cut 3% across the board and finally force the downsizing of the bloated administration at APS. If we also have to cancel some less popular school sports, so be it. The educators are probably right that the rest of it is messy and painful, but it's not exactly picnic time for thousands of New Mexicans on the firing line out here. Share the pain.

If we ruled the world we'd have the Legislature once and for all get rid of the political appointees that have become like leeches on the body politic. Cut several hundred and make it effective July 1st. While they're at it, make the state hiring freeze real--with truly no exceptions other than for real public safety concerns.

State employees are going to have take more furlough days--we have five this fiscal year--up that to eight or nine for the next year--and raise the amount they kick in for their retirement plan by another percent or so, but exempt workers making under $40,000 a year.

We'll stop there because we just realized we will not be ruling the world (geez, that stuff wears off fast) but you get the idea. Good luck, Santa Fe...


The bottom line when Pete Domenici Jr. reports his first round of fundraising tonight is that he is on track for having enough money to make a major TV buy for the June 1st primary.

Domenici's campaign says the GOP Guv contender raised about $200,000 since he entered the race January 17th. That's a respectable, but far from a scare the hell out of em' total for the son of retired US Senator Pete Domenici. But with his name ID already off the charts, Domenici will need less media money than a Susana Martinez or Allen Weh.

Still, the Alligators wonder, is this fella with the famous namesake capable of hitting a double or triple? So far, it's been all singles at best.

Martinez reported at the end of the year that she's raised about $300,000, but it took her five and half months compared to Domenci's $200k in six weeks. Wealthy businessman Allen Weh hasn't reported lately, but back in October he announced a loan to himself of over $250,000. He had over $370,000 cash on hand back then. Doug Turner also wrote himself a check for over $200,000. Janice Arnold-Jones last reported raising about $50,000.

Domenici's famous father has helped him raise money. And the young Domenici has grown more blatant in recent days in using his famous name as a campaign prop.

Several analysts we spoke with said there will come a time when voters begin judging Domenici separately from his father. However, they said that is more likely to happen in a general election turnout. Republican primary voters may not be as discerning, giving Domenici Jr. the benefit of the doubt as they hunger for a winner and a name that they know and like.

With about $200,000 raised, it is clear that Domenici will not go away, even if he fails to garner 20 percent of the delegates at the GOP preprimary convention March 13. He would file additional petition signatures, making him eligible for a ballot spot--and then start spending that money.

Domenici's money report comes on the heels of an independent poll showing him as the strongest contender against Dem Diane Denish (45-40). The poll and the money he has raised should aid him as he searches for elusive uncommitted preprimary delegates.


Weh has the money and can saturate the airwaves and mailboxes. But does he have the message and personality? Political pros like Turner's profile for the general election, but he has to make the 20 percent mark at the preprimary or he may be gone. Martinez is showing persistence, but needs more money to get herself known and then go after Domenici. Same for Arnold-Jones.

Domenici's foes tried to raise expectations for him and claimed they expected him to pick up $500,000 in six weeks. That, of course, was an unrealistic number especially given this economic backdrop. One question they have that will be answered later today: Did Domenici loan himself much money to reach the $200k mark? If he did, his detractors are sure to point it out.

As we've blogged, Domenici has stumbled out of the gate, but he ambles along with that neon name flashing wherever he roams. Expect the opposition campaigns to hit hard to disrupt that stride shortly after the preprimary.


We already have a spirited contest for the Dem nomination for Bernalillo County sheriff and now we're going to get one for county assessor. Former three term assessor Mark Carillo, who we mentioned has been eyeing the race, is now all in. Carillo, 56, says he will challenge incumbent Dem Karen Montoya who is seeking the nomination for a second term. The office traditionally goes Democratic in November, although not always.

The office has received a lot more attention than normal because of the controversy over "tax lightning," in which the property tax of new homeowners skyrockets.


Santa Fe Mayor David Coss is at 52% in the final New Mexican poll before tomorrow's city election. Challenger Asenath Kepler garners 28%. City Councilor Miguel Chavez scores 8% and undecided comes in at 9%. Coss has led throughout the campaign, but he kept the heat on in the final days, sending out a piece of lit that twice mentioned that Kepler, a former city manager, was a Republican. Santa Fe is one of the most Democratic cities in the state. The poll was taken last Tuesday and Wednesday

In Rio Rancho, Mayor Tom Swisstack is being challenged by former Mayor Jim Owen. We haven't seen anything that would lead you to believe Swisstack won't win re-election.


That's a cool retro picture of Betty Fiorina, the three term NM Secretary of State who died last week. If you're of a certain age it may remind you of the style of your mother or grandmother.

Democrat Fiorina served eight years. She won two terms at two years apiece and, in 1970, was the first SOS to win a four year term. One of her sons, Tom Fiorina, became a well-known Santa Fe municipal judge. He recalls his mother as a pacesetter for women in politics back in her day, as well as a lover of dogs.

She probably would have preferred that we mention the dogs first.

Betty Fiorina was 90.

This is the home of New Mexico politics. Email your news and comments. Interested in advertising on the state's #1 political web site? Drop us a line.

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Mobil-Mobil Terbaru 2010

The best selling car in Japan right now is the new, redesigned Honda Fit. In fact, the new Fit won the Japan Car of the Year award this year. At the same time, Mazda also released a new version of the Demio or Mazda 2 as it is known elsewhere. The Suzuki Swift GT also continues to be a popular car for tuners in Japan. Here are a few of the tuned compact cars from TAS '2010.



AutoExe version

Suzuki Swift Sport by Greddy

Adven RS

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Gambar Spesifikasi Perbedaan Nissan X Trile ST-XT

This is the difference of the two cars is different than the machine (the red petrol, diesel is silver). This car has a difference in the exterior, if the red, in Indonesia, we used to call this type of ST because without fog lamp lights on the roof, while the silver XT type because it has better properties than the type ST.Untuk in the Japanese market alone, all types of face shapes xtrail like xtrail red in it, whereas for Japan outside markets such as Indonesia or Europe, face a used car is like the color xtrail silver, chances are it is xtrail silver test car globally, so that the model used is non-Japanese models.

Nissan's compact SUV, the X-TRAIL, has been sold in Australia for some years now. With the recent migration to the T31 series of X-TRAIL, the importer was roundly questioned by local media as to whether there would be a diesel model coming to Australia.

Nissan, part of an 'alliance' with French parent company Renault, could draw upon the diesel expertise and existing resource to find a suitable powerplant for the SUV, but the problem lay not so much with finding the resource to make it all happen as much as ensuring the notoriously diesel-shy Australian market would accept such a vehicle.

The signs have been there, though. When European vehicle importers the likes of Peugeot and Volkswagen are selling a majority of their small passenger cars with diesel power, it's clear that there's a groundswell of opinion in favour of the oilers.

And if you can't sell diesel engines in SUVs, you might as well pack up and go home. Just ask Holden about that company's diesel Captiva, which now accounts for roughly 50 per cent of sales.

So we come to the X-TRAIL. While the company has high hopes for the diesel model, Nissan still regards this vehicle as a leap into the great unknown. In July, Suzuki sold 302 units of the Grand Vitara compact SUV, but Nissan reckons that typically, only about 50 units a month of the Suzuki model are diesels -- hardly the sort of sales performance to instill confidence in a competitor planning to enter the same market segment.

Compared with the Suzuki Grand Vitara -- which was one diesel-engined compact SUV to reach market ahead of the Nissan -- the X-TRAIL's engine is much quieter, more refined and just generally more capable

Offroad, however, there's not much in it between the two. Interestingly, the two diesel engines (in the Grand Vitara and the X-TRAIL) are both supplied by Renault. Nissan says that the engine in the X-TRAIL is a new generation powerplant and offers greater refinement and improved efficiency over the engine in the Grand Vitara. From having driven both, we'd agree, but the Suzuki is not to be shoved aside by the X-TRAIL when it comes to heavy-going offroad toil.

The first impression of the X-TRAIL's diesel is it's a bit noisy when cold, but it does improve at normal operating temperature and isn't guilty of the turbo whine encountered in some turbodiesels. At open road speeds, the drivetrain produces less NVH than the low-level road and wind noise.

Here are two cars specifications:

ST red xtrail (JDM):
-2000cc engine is only available course
have a good-type fog lamps on the lamp
-grille without menggunakkan V-shape
-do not have air holes in the front bumper

Silver xtrail XT (non-JDM):
2000-cc engine and the 2500cc
-two types of ST and XT has a V-shape grille
XT-type has a lamp washer
-have air holes in the front bumper

Sistem Tranmisi Mobil Drag Race

Racing of autosport is een gevaarlijke sport die gemonteerde vereist maximale prestaties vaardigheden en zowel fysiek als voertuig. Een beetje meer veilig is om drag race, met een korte pad dat voertuigen betreft slechts 2 in elk.
Drag race sprints ook wel bekend als de race waarin twee deelnemers beginnen aan de achterzijde grenzend aan dezelfde startlijn naar de start van het licht merk. Toen het licht op groen te starten, de twee coureurs race-auto draaide / fietspad dwars door de twee kwartaal van een mijl of ongeveer 402 meter. Reistijd beide rijders werden geregistreerd en berekend. Driver met de kortste tijd op te nemen over de finish is de winnaar. Distributiesystemen, drag racing klasse kan de limiet te gebruiken cc motor en beugel tijd (reistijd). In feite, nu zelfs drag race is geworden met de milieuvriendelijke elektrische machine race.

In Indonesië, vanwege de beperkte land, veel tracks drag racing race gehouden op de 201m.
Het belangrijkste is en moet worden beschouwd in de drag race is het paard macht, topsnelheid en snelheid van verplaatsing van de versnellingspook. De maximale snelheid drag race auto is ongeveer 569 kilometers per uur met de track net zo lang als 402 meter race is meestal klaar in minder dan vijf seconden. Er zijn twee etappes in elk drag race, de stage en Race. Stage is het podium bij gebruik van de auto achter de startlijn. Bij het plaatsen van een autoband deelnemers groter is dan de startlijn zal worden gediskwalificeerd. De laatste fase is de race, waar de twee auto's onmiddellijk stap op de gas-en botsten de snelheid tot aan de finish.

Om de verplaatsing de trein versnellingsbak, geen behoefte om te zoeken naar die bepaalde auto te racen dituning slepen. De praktijk slechts in Need For Speed Drag Race Game van dat drag race track biedt de volgende voor u en uw tegenstander auto. Wie is niet vertrouwd met het fenomeen van de Need For Speed? Bereid een oog voor precisie versnellingspook snel bewegen als de lampen branden op het punt indicatie Skift Gear. Er zijn 6 versnellingen om te gaan, niet te laat om de transmissie of de motor zal ontploffen bewegen. Let op de verplaatsing punt!

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NM Congress Trio In 2010 Polling Spotlight; Two Ahead & One Behind; Analysis From Across The Spectrum, Plus: Dr. No And Your Taxes

Lujan, Heinrich & Teague
The stream of polling we get this year won't always send political hearts aflutter as it did this week, but the first round of anything is always the most exciting and so it was this week as we received the first batch of numbers in all the major races for the 2010 cycle.

The final round of Public Policy Polling covering the three NM US House seats didn't deliver any major surprises but did provide plenty of food for thought. (Complete poll--horse race plus crosstabs here.)

ABQ Dem US Rep. Martin Heinrich beats GOP rival Jon Barela 45% to 36%. That is below the key 50% mark, but still a pretty comfortable position for an incumbent in a year such as this. The Barela campaign is hanging its hopes on the independent numbers. He leads in that disgruntled group 44-31. Heinrich is pulling 73% support among Dems, a good number in the early going in the majority Dem district.

Heinrich is the solid favorite, but Barela has reason to argue to national party types not to write this race off. Now if he could only raise some money from the numbers.


In that hot contest down south, the PPP poll confirmed the numbers released earlier in the week from an internal campaign poll done by GOP hopeful Steve Pearce. PPP scores 43% for Steve, while incumbent freshman Dem Harry Teague gets 41%. Pearce's poll had him leading 48% to 44%.

Pearce leads Teague 51% to 41% among independents, a key number for the challenger and one that Harry needs to improve on. It has been balky independents giving Dems headaches nationwide.


The northern congressional seat is notoriously difficult to poll and the PPP numbers need to be looked at with that in mind. Dem freshman Congressman Ben Ray Lujan is given a 42% to 36% lead over Farmington's Tom Mullins. Adam Kokesh is competing with Mullins for the GOP nomination. Lujan scores a 40-32 lead over him.

The Lujan numbers are low in this heavily Dem district, but some voters are difficult to reach via telephone or resist taking part on such surveys.

The PPP pollsters think Lujan is positioned well, but they report his unfavorable rating in the Feb. 18-20 poll is a high 40%. Just 31% giving him a good rating.

Insiders speculated over that. Was it a poor polling sample? Is Ben Ray taking a hit over his father, House Speaker Lujan, who was front and center during this poll presiding over a failed legislative session? Are liberals jumping ship, concerned that Obama and Lujan are not getting the job done on health care?

It's enough to make any freshman nervous, including Lujan, who does not need a Green Party candidate entering this race and peeling off precious Dem votes in the very heavy Dem district. So far there is none in sight.


Veteran NM pollster Brian Sanderoff expressed concern to me this week over the favorable/unfavorable ratings in this poll because they are all over the map. He also believes Big Bill's approval rating is higher than 28%, but it has declined. Sanderoff and I agreed that the big picture the poll shows has more significance. So beware the spinners who are trying to completely destroy the credibility of this survey.

The poll comes at a tricky time. The state's three congressmen are all seeking re-election for the first time. They will never be more vulnerable. And then there is the almost unprecedented political backdrop of a sour economy and angry voters.

While it is evident Teague has his hands full, there are going to be many sleepless nights for Heinrich and Lujan this year as these relative political neophytes try to navigate waters that would challenge even the most wily veteran.


The polls this week indicate that New Mexicans penchant for ticket splitting is still alive and well, despite the Dem sweep of 2008. The Governor's race showing Pete Domenici Jr. trailing Dem Diane Denish by only five--45-40--and the Pearce lead down south confirm that.


Domenici's camp described themselves as "ecstatic" over that poll showing him on the tail of Denish, but the euphoria didn't last long. Domenici came in dead last in a straw poll taken in Clovis Thursday night among those attending a debate between the five Guv candidates. Susana Martinez apparently rocked the house, packed with tea party types. She won 42% of the 139 votes cast; Allen Weh got 18%; Doug Turner 16%; Janice Arnold-Jones 12% and Domenici 11%. The group sponsoring the debate call themselves the High Plains Patriots. The Clovis News-Journal wrapped up the event.


The Politico's Josh Kraushaar covers our region for the DC based Web site and came with this. The money graphs:

The polls show Rep. Harry Teague (D-N.M.) trailing former GOP congressman Steve Pearce, freshman Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-N.M.) sporting an upside-down approval rating, and Rep. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) with unspectacular approval numbers.

New Mexico Democrats also can’t rely on President Obama to boost their support, as the president’s job disapproval rating is higher than his approval rating in both Teague’s and Lujan’s districts. In Heinrich’s district, as many voters (47 percent) disapprove of his work as approve (47 percent).


Not surprisingly, Big Bill's office is taking issue with the PPP poll finding him with a dismal approval rating of only 28 percent. They fault the methodology of the poll and come with this statement:

It's difficult to take this poll seriously when we’ve never heard of the pollster and he relies on unscientific polling methods with untrustworthy results.

A recent scientific poll, not commissioned by the Governor, showed his personal favorability at 44 percent, which is more consistent with other polls in recent months.

Obviously, Governor Richardson has had to be a leader during the budget crisis, cutting spending and ordering employee furloughs in order to balance the budget. The Governor was elected to do what’s in the best interest of all New Mexicans, and that's what he's doing.


We need to clarify how the PPP poll was taken. We blogged Thursday that it did not use a list of registered voters. But PPP's Tim Jensen emails in from headquarters in Raleigh, NC:

We do poll registered voters and do not use random digit dialing. For the poll we conducted over the weekend those called were people who had voted in at least one of the last three even year general elections.

If you'll review the polling from the 2008 election in New Mexico you'll see we came within two points of getting the final outcome right, while no other pollster came within five.

And a New Mexico GOP campaign operative of long experience describes the issue with automatic calling by PPP:

If you look at their poll scripts, there aren't any screener questions (are you registered to vote, likely to vote, etc)...they just accept whomever answers the phone and starts pushing buttons. These type of public polls are really just cheap ways for these companies to promote themselves.

Whatever the case, most everyone agrees that the polls--automated or otherwise--show the general direction of the races and the mood of the electorate. But they are, as the pollsters are fond of saying, only a snapshot in time.


Was that a hint of flexibility we detected on the part of state Senate Finance Committee Chair John Arthur "Dr. No" Smith when it comes to nudging up the tax on the wealthy to help solve the state's epic revenue shortfall?

The good doctor was asked what tax hikes are still in play as the legislative leadership seeks a budget deal before the start of the special session Monday.

"The ones that were in play before are still in play," he said, referring to proposals to increase the state's gross receipts tax rate, impose a sales tax on certain "non-nutritional" food items and enact a surtax on higher earning New Mexicans, among others.

That surtax won approval in the more liberal House during the recent 30 day session, but died in the senate.

Smith is now saying that the shortfall for the budget year starting July 1st could be more on the order of $800 million than the $500 to $600 million previously estimated.

Is that now gargantuan number what Smith needs for cover to finally begin the process of "sharing the pain" of this budget wreck among all taxpayers, including the well-off?

The AP reported that the House measure imposes a 1.5 percent surtax on upper-income New Mexicans for three years. Married couples would pay the surtax on taxable income of more than $200,000 if they file joint returns. Single taxpayers would pay the surtax on income of more than $133,000. The surtax would provide $67 million next year. The bill passed 36-32.

Democrats in support of the surtax argue that the party is dangerously out of touch with the populist mood of the electorate. Increases in the gross receipts tax--which will likely also be part of any budget solution--impact lower income taxpayers most. If the Dems don't also touch the well-off, they risk losing support among their base voters.

While Governor Richardson has been implacable when it comes to rolling back the tax cuts for the wealthy he won in 2003, he could conceivably support the surcharge as it does not tamper with those rates. House Speaker Lujan, Bill's major legislative ally, is in full support. That indicates the Guv could agree to the surtax.

Thanks for checking in here this week.

Email your news and comments.

Reporting to you from Albuquerque, New Mexico, I'm Joe Monahan.

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Gambar Foto Terbaru Honda JAZZ

Here are photos of the latest jazz honda official site belonging honda.Mobil small car is very beautiful but this last year a lot of interest orang. 2010 is not much different from 2010 version of this 2009.There is demand increases, we'll wait. . .

These are the first official photos of Honda's Paris Motor Show-bound, Fit / Jazz Hybrid. Until recently, it was not clear if the subcompact hybrid model would be launched in markets outside Japan. And while now we know that the hybrid model will make its way to Europe with sales starting in early 2011, Honda officials have yet to announce any plans to offer the car in North America.

The newest member of the Japanese firm's hybrid family employs the same 1.3-liter gasoline engine and a continuously-variable automatic transmission with an electric motor sandwiched between them as the Insight. We don't have output figures yet, but don't expect any significant differences over Honda's dedicated hybrid model.

To differentiate the hybrid version from the standard Jazz / Fit models, there is a new grille and front bumper design, while the head lamp and tail light crystals have been re-trimmed. The hybrid model also gets what appears to be a panoramic glass top plus an optional bespoke Lime Green metallic exterior color.

Along with the pictures of the European market model, we also have some leaked brochure shots of the JDM version which is scheduled to arrive in Japanese showrooms in October with prices rumored to begin at around 1.6 million yen, or about US$19,000 / €15,100 at the current exchange rates.


The Jazz put on 16-inch alloy Chronos that distinguish it from the standard model. A sports chrome front grille and rear spoiler add to the sporty appearance. Style embroidered carpet mats and the boot and branding in the glove box lid highlight high specification cars. The grade with an additional £ 870 price on 1.2 SE and 1.4 ES model, but offers almost 2000 pounds worth of additional equipment. Both the 1.2 and 1.4 models start with a big offer packages for April PCP 5.9% over three years with 25% deposit, or 7.4% over three years with 10 percent of deposits.

By having the biggest interior space of the B segment, the Honda Jazz is a real family car. It's offering a real trunk and five people Spacious Seating Which is more than the VW Golf.

Jazz's interior space is comparable to the Civic. According to dimensions info taken from Honda's Japan Site, the Jazz has a higher roof and rear seats wider than the Civic. Here you Can see 3 view comparison pictures.
Continuosly shifting CVT transmission has the gear and Providing a very smooth acceleration like a subway train.
Newest Jazz model has better suspension than previous year models for Improving sport riding quality but 185/55 tires on the SE model making Those changes are ineffective.
Is very silent engine under 3000 rpm. But with CVT Can you make 140 km / h on 3000 rpm. This is where The low consumption of the car comes from.

Road noise is still a problem. 15 inch alloy rims contributes to noise and hardness of the car.

Mode CVT has a last gear ratio manual mode is 0477 whereas last ratio is 0524. On highway driving, the car in auto mode is more silent and provides better fuel switch economy.Manual Can be Used like the overdrive button of conventional ATS to have engine braking.

Six airbags
Fit has standard front, front side and curtain airbags.
Crush zone
Along with energy-absorbing crush zones, high-rigidity ACE ™ body structure helps maintain the new occupants are protected.
Honda Safety
Fit even has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and active front head restraints, while the Fit Sport with Navigation adds Vehicle Stability Assist ™ (VSA ®) with traction control-just a few examples of how Honda takes a comprehensive approach to vehicle safety.
Honda's Safety Philosophy
Honda is committed to providing safety for all people-which means protection of accidents not only for our own drivers and passengers, but also for other vehicle occupants and injury mitigation for pedestrians. We are dedicated to identifying and applying advanced design and features that will help improve the safety of vehicles on the road. Learn more.

Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System

Driveable Utility Belt!
The Fit Sport shows off with its uptown interior— supportive seats, easy-to-read gauges that illuminate ambient blue at night, 10 beverage holders, an iPod[2]– compatible USB Audio Interface[3] and an available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with voice recognition[1] for urban tracking.

Ample Roominess Facilitator!
Magic Seat® lies flat revealing more space, and a secret box for hidden storage.With 57.3 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats folded down. Configure your Fit in three different modes to give friends, pets and cargo the space they need.

[1] The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ is available on Sport models with automatic transmission in the United States, except Alaska.

[2] iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPod not included.

[3] The USB Audio Interface is used for direct connection to and control of some current digital audio players and other USB devices that contain MP3, WMA or AAC music files. Some USB devices with security software and digital rights-protected files may not work. Please see your Honda dealer for details.

Gambar Spesifikasi Honda Jazz Terbaru

The Jazz put on 16-inch alloy Chronos that distinguish it from the standard model. A sports chrome front grille and rear spoiler add to the sporty appearance. Style embroidered carpet mats and the boot and branding in the glove box lid highlight high specification cars. The grade with an additional £ 870 price on 1.2 SE and 1.4 ES model, but offers almost 2000 pounds worth of additional equipment. Both the 1.2 and 1.4 models start with a big offer packages for April PCP 5.9% over three years with 25% deposit, or 7.4% over three years with 10 percent of deposits.

The options will be available in the entire model range Jazz – who first sold in 2008. The grade tops the 1.2-liter range, with features above and on the SE specification. In the Jazz 1.4-liter model, sitting mid-range Si, with the specifications above and on the ES model. Si is only available with manual transmission.

Honda Jazz is a small car with remarkably good space,head and rear legroom.Honda Jazz have a top speed of 165 km/hr.Honda Jazz is a premium hatchback model that's base version comes with a 1.2 litre 4-cylinder motor.The 2009 Jazz was launched with a 1.3 litre and a 1.5 litre engine options.The key features of Honda Jazz include refined motor, space, fuel efficiency and driving comfort. The company is introducing the Honda Jazz to compete with the Skoda Fabia and Hyundai i20.

Civic Si variant features color-coded bumpers, front fog lights, Type R-style mesh front grille and a dark chrome door handles and fuel cap. 1.4-liter models wearing color Graphite 16-inch alloy while the high-powered 1.8-liter gasoline and diesel 2.2-liter-class citizenship, sits on the 17-inch graphite-colored alloy rims. Inside, the models have leather upholstery half to continue the sports theme, plus a USB port for iPod connectivity.

Honda Jazz is available in colors blackberry pearl,blue sensation pearl,crystal black pearl and milano red. There are 3 models in which Jazz is available - base model S, Mid line SE & top of the line Sport. The price of Honda Jazz is expected to be in a range of 4.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs.

Honad Jazz Features

Displacement:1198cc, 4 Cyls, in-line
Engine Type:Petrol
Brakes:Front Ventilated,Rear Disk
Gears:5 Manual
Seating Capacity:5
Maximum Power:89 Bhp @ 6000 rpm
Maximum Torque:116 Nm @ 4900 rpm
Boot Space:399.00 ltrs.
Ground Clearance:150.00 mm

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Denish Vs. Domenici? More Likely In Wake Of New Poll; She Leads Him By Just 5, Plus: More NM Politics On Your Thursday Blog

Denish vs. Domenici?
The 2010 race for the GOP Guv nomination was reshaped Wednesday with the release of an independent poll showing Pete Domenici Jr. the only one of the five R candidates within striking distance of Democrat Diane Denish. Di, soon to be the Dem Guv nominee, had 45% to Pete Jr's 40% in the Public Policy Polling. The poll is going to be very hard to ignore in the elite circles of the state GOP and in the money circles that will feed this contest in the months ahead. Complete poll here.

No other GOP candidate comes even close to the Light Guv in the survey taken from a sample of 990 New Mexicans from Feb. 18th to 20th. She trounces the rest of the Republican field. It's 48-30 over Allen Weh, 47-33 over Janice Arnold-Jones, and 46-32 against Susana Martinez and Doug Turner.

Domenici's foes, especially Martinez, were quick to denounce the favorable Pete Jr. poll as merely reflecting the name ID of his famous father, retired US Senator Pete Domenici. But the same could have been said of Gary King, son of former Governor Bruce King and now NM attorney general. Or of Ben Ray Lujan, son of House Speaker Ben Lujan, and who now sports the title of congressman on his business cards.

It will take millions more in campaign money for Domenici’s foes to get anywhere near his name ID and that can't but help influence uncommitted delegates to next months GOP preprimary convention. This poll is going to have them taking another hard look at the race before they cast their votes.

Domenici is currently in danger of coming up short of 20% of the delegates needed to get an official spot on the June 1 primary ballot. This poll could move some of the uncommitted to Domenici and that 20 percent.

Without reaching the 20 percent, Domenici's foes would have some credibility in questioning his legitimacy. With the 20 percent, he would be the clear front runner for the nomination.


Domenici has been accused of being lifeless and lacking charisma, but his campaign sprang to life upon the release of the poll. They described themselves as “ecstatic” and said: "(Denish) should have a double digit lead over all other opponents at this time. The opposite is true.”

For her part, Di is anticipating that she will face off with Domenici in November. That’s clear by the increased flow of negative news releases emanating from NM Dem Party headquarters about the 50 year old environmental attorney.

Her camp is pragmatic, mindful of the plunge of Big Bill’s popularity to the 28 percent level in the PPP poll. That insures that the cries of “Richardson-Denish” from the R's will soon grow louder than a worked up Pit crowd at a Lobo-BYU game.

This poll and the one conducted by a NMSU class also showing Domenici out distancing the field will create an air of inevitably about his nomination among casual Republican observers. The onus will be on the opposition campaigns to dispel that notion and get in the way of any stampede developing among the party rank and file.


The Alligators looking at that PPP poll tell us the firm polls mainly for Democrats and employs automatic phone calls. If they did live interviews with confirmed registered voters from a voter list, Governor Bill’s miserable 28% approval rating might be higher. The same goes for the tepid 48% approval ratings given Dem US Senators Tom Udall and Jeff Bingaman. They normally both poll near 60 percent approval.

However, Tim Jensen of PPP emails in that the firm uses a list of registered voters "who had voted in at least one of the last three even year general elections."

And there’s no questioning the current anti-incumbent trend. Both senators are thankful it is not their turn to face angry voters this year and Big Bill wishes he were somewhere else--even on a houseboat carreening out of control on Elephant Butte Lake.


We interviewed with KRQE-TV”s Kaitlin McCarthy about Big Bill's bad numbers. That report and the video is here.


Our post Wednesday on that heated email exchange between Bernalillo County GOP chairman Rick Abraham and Whitney Cheshire, campaign manger for GOP Guv candidate Allen Weh, made its way to the National Journal's Hotline in D.C. Here's how they played it:

The chairman of the Bernalillo Co. GOP is alleging a leading GOP GOV candidate physically assaulted a staffer, according to a string of emails made public by a NM political blog.

In an angry back-and-forth, Bernalillo Co. GOP chair Rick Abraham told Whitney Cheshire that her candidate, ex-NM GOP chair Allen Weh (R), acted inappropriately during an altercation at the state conventions this weekend. Cheshire is Weh's campaign manager.

"Your candidate physically attacked one of my staff members in front of many witnesses and others, including myself, received verbal attacks from your staff," Abraham wrote to Cheshire, according to emails posted by well-respected NM blogger Joe Monahan today...


The bear market rolls on in New Mexico with word that Doug Vaughan, a fixture for decades on the ABQ are areal estate scene, is declaring both business and personal bankruptcy. Folks who invested with him are in for big losses. The Vaughan Company was one of those iconic signs that sprouted everywhere during the great real estate bubble. No more.


In a bit of a departure with tradition, GOP Bernalillo County Commissioner Michael Wiener has endorsed William Kurth for the R nomination for county sheriff. Kurth, a retired APD command level officer, faces retired sheriff's captain Dan Houston.

Wiener backed Kurth when the county commission appointed Dem Manny Gonzales to fill the vacancy left when Darren White went to work for the city of ABQ.

The Houston camp says it has its share of prominent endorsements as well, citing backing from former Bernalillo County Sheriff and APD chief Bob Stover.

The R nomination is worth having. It is the one county office where the GOP has had historical success, despite the Dem registration advantage in the county.

Gonzales is seeking election to the post he was appointed to and faces several rivals for the Dem nomination.

An ABQ reader writes of government employment and the state budget shortfall:

Public payrolls have become so large they are an interest group that trumps all others and makes them immune to the same unemployment suffered by the taxpayers who are facing tax increases to spare their employees any pain from the decline in state revenues. The purpose of government is now to sustain itself.

This is the home of New Mexico politics. Email your news and comments.

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Ashkenazi ibns; R .Elazar Fleckeles and Isaac Leeser.

This is an addendum to my Hirschel Lewin post. I had intended to include this tangent in that post, but it deserves its own one.

In examining Rabbi Elazar Fleckeles's Ahavas David I was surprised to see that on his title page he wrote his name אלעזר ן' דוד, see:

I then noticed that he did this in all his books. Writing the name like that implies Elazar ibn David (or Aben David, see this post). Such a convention is commonly found among Jews of Sephardic descent, but not Ashkenazim. It seemed evident that Rabbi Fleckeles was being . . . fancy? Affectatious? Still, it was interesting.

It also reminded me that a number of years ago I made what was to me a shocking discovery. I learned that Isaac Leeser's surname as he wrote it in Hebrew was ן' אליעזר, get it? Leeser = Eliezer, or more precisely "ibn Eliezer." Eliezer wasn't his father, but a grandfather or even an older ancestor. As you can see below (in the title page of a siddur he published in 1848) his name was יצחק בן אורי ן' אליעזר.

When I realized this, I instantly thought "Aha! Isaac Leeser was descended from Sephardim, then." Which was theoretically possible, as there were Sephardic communities in Hamburg and Amsterdam, and he served as Hazzan and de facto rabbi in an American Sephardic congregation. But what a slender reed for such an assumption! In fact, I think he was just being fancy, just like Rabbi Fleckeles probably was.

Here is a rare miniature portrait of Leeser, painted by James Peale in 1840:

Bald Jewish women.

The topic of certain kinds of Ashkenazic Jewish women who shave their head never ceases to fascinate and horrify. The origin of this seems lost in the mists of time. The custom makes its appearance in Jewish literature of the 19th century in defenses of the practice, as well as in a decree of forcible Russification forbidding it in the mid-19th century. Speculations about its origin range from it being caused by external forces (some sort of attempt at warding off marauding lords or Cossacks who raped Jewish women) to internal ones (some sort of extra stringent approach to mikva, perhaps decreed by the early modern Council of the Four Lands). No evidence, as far as I can tell, exists for either theory. My own provisional theory is that it may have evolved from some sanitary need, perhaps occasioned by the practice of married Jewish women to always keep their head covered, and whatever might have bred underneath such perpetual coverings in those less sanitary times; see below. But who knows?

In any case, I came across something interesting:

Although this excerpt is from a later reprinting, this is part of a poem which appeared in the October 1783 issue of the London Magazine.

Secondly, in 1790 the medical researcher Mastallir published a book called "Praktiche Abhandlung uber den Wichtelzopf," or "A practical Treatise on the Plica Polonica," which is a nasty dermatological condition (I think that anyone who ever wondered about Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman's beard should have a look at that Wikipedia link). Mastallir reviewed four case studies, including one Jewish woman who had no hair on her head, but "was attacked in another part."

Also, the following appeared in an 1853 issue of the British humor mag Punch:

More forthcoming, if there's any relevant info to uncover, so to speak.

Gambar Spesifikasi New CR-V Terbaru

This year in Indonesia in 2010 showed an increase in business the more vociferous otomotif.Sejumlah producers launch new types and variants to include the Honda pasaran.Di who do not want to miss.

One of the automotive manufacturer in the world terbesa off New Honda CRV in Tunjungan Atrium Plaza (TP) III Surabaya, yesterday. "This year we are optimistic able to sell New Honda CR-V about 1,800 units in the area of East Java, Bali, and Lombok," said President Director of Honda Surabaya Center (HSC) Hoey Tiong Ang. Target was up around 415 units in 2009 compared to the achievements of 1385 units. Operational Manager Wendy HSC Miharja added, since its appearance in 2007, CR-V has reached sales of 43,682 units throughout Indonesia, and consistent segments become the market leader sport utility vehicle (SUV).

"So far the market share for the CR-V SUV in all types of Java reached 40.35%. While its contribution to total sales of the HSC in 2009 reached 24.8%, "says Wendy. Of the total sales of Honda cars for 5585 units in 2009, among them the 1385 CR-V. "This year a total of 7240 unit sales target, whereas the contribution of CR-V is expected the same as last year," Wendy said.
Specifications Engine: 2.000cc, 2.400cc.

Following specifications

CAR TYPE 2.0L 2.4L
Type i-VTEC, 2.0 L SOHC i-VTEC, 2.4 L DOHC
Fuel Supply System PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
Diameter x step (mm) 81 x 96.9 87 x 99
Fill Cylinder (cc) 1997 2354
Comparison of Compression 10.5: 1 9.3: 1
Maximum Power [PS (Kw) / rpm] 110 (150) / 6200 125 (170) / 5800
Maximum Torque [kgm (Nm) / rpm] 190 (19.4) / 4200 218 (22.2) / 4200
Type 6 Speed 5 Speed synchromesh + Grade Logic Control 5 Speed + Grade Logic Control
Spring Single Dry Plate Clutch Torque Converter with Lock-up Clutch Torque Converter with Lock-up Clutch
1st Gear Ratio 3642 2785 2785
1684 1.88 1613 2nd
3rd 1212 1128 1081
4th 0972 0772 0772
0.78 5th 0592 0566
6th 0659 - -
Reverse 3583 2000 2000
Final Ratio 5333 4500 4500
Steering system
Type Rack & Pinion Teeth with power assisted
Type Front ventilated disc / Ventilated Discs
Solid Rear Disc / Disc
Hand Foot Break Break Parking Parking
Brake Circuit

Diagonal Dual Circuit / Circuit Double Diagonal
Suspension system
MacPherson Strut Type Front
Double Wishbone Rear Reactive Links
Length x Width x Height (mm) 4530 x 1820 x 1680
Wheelbase (mm) 2620
Distance Cornerstone Front / Rear (mm) 1565 / 1565
Empty Weight (kg) 1475 1505 1600
Turn Radius (m) 5.5

225/65 R17

17 x 6.5 JJ
Fuel Capacity

Ivory 2 Tone Interior Color
Moquette Leather Seat Material
Dual Zone AC - ●
Air Conditioner Manual Automatic
Power Adjustable Tilt and telescoping steering ●
Power Door Mirrors ●
Power Window ●
Audio System Single Din WMA/MP3 + CD / VCD / DVD + AUX Port + Remote WMA/MP3 Double Din USB + AUX Port + Remote
Console Box ●
2nd Row Seat Armrest + Beverage Holders ●
Fuel consumption Indicator ●
● Double Deck Cargo
Box sunglass with Conversation Mirror ●
Head Light Projector Light
Fog Light - ●
Mud Guard ●
● Glass Rear wiper
Side Sill Garnish Gray
High Mount Stop Lamp ●
Wheel Alloy Wheel
Chrome Front Grille
Door Mirror Side Turn Lamp ●
Body Color Door Handle Chrome